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Development Model, Modernization Model, Dependency Theory (Essay Sample)


Use two sources for each question
Question 1:
Which political/development model do you feel is the more accurate model and which model/models do you feel are not accurate or realistic? World Systems Theory? Modernization Model? Dependency Theory? Why or why not?
Question 2:
Answer this question taking the atrocities of the diamond trade into consideration..
For the women, do you want/expect/have a diamond engagement ring? Why or why not?
For the men, do you feel an expectation to purchase or have purhcased a diamond engagement ring? Why or why not?


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Question 1:
The Modernization theory, which was devised after the second World War was intended to be used as a tool to analyze the transition of traditional society forms to the modern society forms. This theory was of the opinion that the so called developed countries or societies followed some procedures to transform from the traditional society structure to the modernized society and that the underdeveloped or the current societies that are still in the traditional society for

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