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Law Enforcement Brutality (Essay Sample)


Political Science Prompt:
Write one full page about an issue important you in the United States? (The issue chosen is Law Enforcement Brutality). Frame the issue in the context of a "public problem" that is larger than yourself. Identify who you will pose the problem to, and how they would help you resolve your issue. Any information you quote from any published material should be cited by source, date and author.
Format: Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins.
Notes from me the Student:
Just so you know this assignment is a 10 page group paper and the topic that my group selected was "Law Enforcement Brutality". Each student was assigned to a portion of the paper and I was assigned the following question:
"In what venue, jurisdiction or forum would you introduce your issue of Law Enforcement Brutality?". 
My discussion must be one full page. I'm a little bit lost on how to do the assignment... I know lately there has been viral videos of how Law Enforcement officials sometimes use unnecessary excessive force on civilians who don't necessarily pose a threat. In some recent cases as seen in the news media some civilians were killed by the use of Law Enforcement Brutality when either one or more officers try to arrest the civilian. Just so you know here is some information of the city I live in just in case it helps the writer you out... I live in the city of Los Angeles, California which is also famous after what occurred with Rodney King and the "LA Riots".

Law Enforcement Brutality
Also known as police brutality, law enforcement brutality is the unnecessary use of excessive force by the police on suspects and civilians during an arrest or search. Allegations of police departments in the United States using excessive force continue to make headlines in the media. Over two decades now since the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, the issue has remained a public concern and has prompted law enforcement reforms. This essay looks at law enforcement brutality as a public problem and the people who can help resolve it.The media has the power to tone down law enforcement brutality. It exposes police b...
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