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Rebalancing Power & Individuals Working Collectively? (Essay Sample)


Focus on synthesizing three texts, use quotes from all three texts to support claims.
Below is the link to article "An elephant crackup".
This is the pdf copy of “Rent Seeking and the Making of an Unequal Society”. The passage is chapter 2 on the website.


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How the Rebalancing Power on a Large Scale Come From Individuals Working Collectively?
The question of who holds more power in social structures might appear easy to answer, but it is not. Currently, the world is driven by capitalism, and wealthy people’s wishes, ideas, and opinions are highly valued as compared to those of ordinary individuals. In other words, it would be appropriate to say that “money talks.” The accumulation of wealth by a few people should be blamed for today’s divided society. No person is concerned about the well-being of others as long as one continues to amass more affluence. However, Naomi Klein, Joseph Stiglitz, and Charles Siebert suggest that by individuals working collectively, they can rebalance the power structure on a large scale.

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