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Human Rights and China Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


What is meant by "human rights"?  There are basic tenets that were agreed upon by the UN Convention in 1948, known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  China continues to receive scrutiny and criticism by the international community for its lack of attention to basic human rights, ranging from issues of censorship, imprisonment without fair trial, environmental burdens without compensation, or social marginalization of targeted groups. 

After reading this Module's reading selections that aim to familiarize you with each of these topics, present a cohesive critical comment on the subject of "China and Human Rights." What is at issue and why does it matter?  Should the US and international community take a stand to influence how China handles human rights issues in its country (or in countries its working with via trade/industry) or is it better to just let China maintain its own domestic authority on such matters?  Be sure to refer to and cite the readings in your responses.



(1) responds to all aspects of the prompt, (2) use concrete examples from the text(s) to validate your response and be sure to cite (page numbers needed), and (3) draws connections across of the readings.


reading selections

  1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

  1. Liu Xiaobo "I Have No Enemies" Nobel Prize speech

  1. Liu Xiaobo's Death

  1. The Great Firewall of China



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Human Rights and China
China's human rights record has been criticized for so many years. In different parts of the country, judicial standards are not up to the mark, especially in the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is widely believed that prisoners are treated badly in China. They are tortured and abused. A good example is the Great Firewall of China that has long influenced the economy of the country (Elizabeth 2018). Similarly, a lot of cases of forced abortion have been reported. People here are not allowed to openly share their opinions or thoughts through social media. The status of religion is also not good. Immigrants or people belonging to other religions are criticized and given tough times by the locals. In simple words, it can be said that China is one of those countries where there is no concept of freedom of expression

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