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How Social Media Influence Our Society (Essay Sample)


Reference at least two of those documents below to write the essay! give some example and focus on one specific point. Thank you!
The Format: Times New Roman Font (i.e. the font this is written in, not THIS, or THIS,or THIS, but THIS!), double spaced 12 point font. Send as a Word Document. Plagiarized papers will result in an automatic 0 and possible disciplinary action. And for the sake of humanity, PLEASE follow the directions!
Essay: Between 5 and 8 pages
Use the work of at minimum 2 authors (i.e. you can choose more but this is the minimum quantity) that we have covered this semester to analyze an aspect of contemporary mass media(ation). In your analysis you should attempt to address the following questions: what do the concepts and arguments about media and mediation generated by these media studies scholars reveal about relationship between media and society? How might society be understood through media and media through society? You can focus on forms of media (e.g., television, film, radio, the internet) and/or media artifacts and technologies (e.g. ads/advertising, news stories/broadcasting, social media, tracking apps, etc.). To address these questions you can discuss society in general but, also, it might be helpful to focus on more specific elements of society such as, for example, labor, consumption, communication, or design and art/the arts. You can also discuss your own work, what ever that may be, provided you analyze it in the boarder context of media and society as per the essay questions. Be as concise as possible with your answer and cite all of your sources. (Note: sources and authors outside of the course material are allowed for this essay, but not in lieu of the minimum of 2 authors we have covered. Also, while you can look to your LMS posts, you cannot just copy and paste from them. A separate reference page is also required.)
What I'm looking for:
1) A clear presentation of the author's ideas/concepts and arguments demonstrating an understanding of their text;
2) Agreement and/or disagreement with the author based on a clear understanding of their ideas/concepts and arguments, i.e. what implications do their ideas have on the understanding of media and society? (I do not grade you based on whether you agree or disagree with the author. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with an author, you must base your position in the ideas raised by the author and the implication of those ideas on how we understand media and society.);
3) The use of correct spelling and grammar throughout the essay;
4) A logical presentation of the essay with a clear introduction explaining what you will be writing about and a clear conclusion summarizing the points made in your essay.


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How social media influence our society
Social media is a form of communication that reaches a large audience. Media has a significant role to the society through formation of mediated culture that creates and is reflected to the society. Different opinions have been raised regarding the extent and the nature of the influence the mass media wields to the society. However, it is evident that social media remain an integral part of the society. The role of the media in shaping the society can best be understood through three main sociological perspectives. The sociological perspectives include; the class-dominant theory, culturalist theory and limited-effects theory. The research will focus on the concepts and arguments about media and mediation generated by various scholars about the relationship between media and society (Clough & Halley, 1).
Concepts and arguments about media and mediation.
The media studies scholars have developed concepts and arguments about the media and mediation processes that reflect on the relationship between media and society. The society is accustomed to splitting and dividing al things as a means of control. Personal and social consequences are mediated as a message to the society. Aspects of contemporary mass mediation play a major role in shaping the culture. New technology provides a chance for the society to add its extensions. Culture constitutes instrumental, symbolic and social responses of collectivities of the society to the immediate environment. Culture forms the base through which ideas are produced and communicated. Technological advancement has played a crucial role in communication as it is composed of the intellectual and physical tools used by the society to mediate their relationship with the immediate environment (Clough, 3). Environment is the medium through which a relationship between the society and the social media is built. The environment comprises of the physical external space which is dynamic. Media and society impact each other although they remain analytically distinct but dialectically related phenomena.
Automation creates new patterns of human association that tend to eliminate jobs creating a negative aspect. However, automation also leads to a positive outcome as it creates roles for people through work and human association. According to David Hume, there is no principle of causality in a mere sequence and that one thing follows another accounts for nothing (Fiore & MaLuhan, 34). Media helps in shaping and producing culture which is based on technology. Society in its myriad manifestations are products of a complex dialect that interplays between cultural expression, dialect itself and the application of technology. Culture can be understood generally as an emanation of the creative imagination. Music, film, radio and the internet bare some of the forms of creative expression. Culture in its holistic sense does not change the basic dialectical relationship between society and technology. Information technologies have created an environment through which the society has introduced some forms of cultural expression.
Social media acts as a rich source of information in the society meaning it enhances changes in the society. Through the use of social media, individual's perceptions and beliefs can be changed. The concept of the society can be changed through the use of social media as it acts as the platform for propagating change. Media carries vital information in the society as well as new skills that help bring about changes. For example, Televisions can be used to instill change in the society through demonstrating how things work. Technology such as television creates a feeling of...

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