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Homework #7 (Essay Sample)

I'll attach you the page of instructions and the question as well as the chapter slides you might use it. Based on PHIL200_s12_hw_7.pdf Phil200_s12_Slides_04-25-2012.pdf source..
Part I:
1 The first theory is simpler. This is mainly because it looks at the cycle of the cancer disease, indicating that if the cycle has to go as expected, then this is the explanation as to why there is a sudden remission of cancer in the patient. It is simple and clear, and everyone can see the sense in the explanation, as opposed to other theories. The second theory is quite conservative. For instance, it cannot be scientifically proven.
2 The first theory is simpler since it can be placed on the cause-effect spectrum. Due to the immunizations, the rate of childhood disease is automatically expected to go down. However, the second theory is more conservative. It might be true, but it does not fully explain the situation since there are some childhood conditions that are not caused by airborne substances.
Section II:
3 This theory is not conservative. It looks at the issues as they are and presents an argument for them.
4 This theory does not fall into any of the criteria provided. This is mainly because it has simplicity and it is also conservative. As such, it cannot be classified into any of these criteria.
5 This theory has the most scope and it also lacks simplicity. Looking at the manner in which it is stated, it goes far beyond what can be easily described or understood by an average mind. Travelling into time is a hard concept.
6 This theory is not testable. As such, there is no way to certify whether it is true or false. Its lack of testability makes it lose the empirical nature that theories should have (Herschbach, 4).
Section III:
7 In light of the description of a proper theory, there are some issues that are used to determine the plausibility of any theory. In light of these, there are some things that need to be looked into when defining a theory. In this perspective, the second theory is the most plausible theory as to why there is increased incidence of heart disease among women in the middle age. Looking at the manner in which a theory should be formulated (Herschbach, 3), there should be a phenomenon to be explained, a theory and a proof to the theory. In this case, it is known that fat has the ability to cause heart diseases. As such, the rise in heart diseases among women could be attributed to this fact. The other two theories are too broad to be plausible for this sit...
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