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Hobbes vs. Bramhall Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a short essay (less than one page long) describing in your own words the difference between the views of Hobbes and those of bishop Bramhall on freedom and determinism.
This essay can be written on many levels. For a somewhat superficial understanding the lecture notes will do. For and in-depth understanding, you must read the primary source carefully.
No other resources needed, please do not cite from other websites.


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Difference between the views of Hobbes and Bramhall on freedom and determinism
Bishop Bramhall believes in the determinism theory, which suggests that free will is a result of previously existing causes. This means that when a person acts, it is out of inevitable necessity. That is, one must do the act without any voluntary choice. This belief removes humans from any moral obligation since an external force determines their actions. He also mentions that true liberty and necessity are incompatible. Bramhall also explains that reason is the foundation of true freedom (Hobbes Primary Source np). That reason creates the freedom of will by giving humans a set of convenient and inconvenient alternatives to choose from.
Bramhall differs from Hobbes's version of true liberty. H

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