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Global Food Crisis and Domestic Governments


Explain the causes of the global food crisis. Which do you think is the most significant contributor? How would you address these issues? What role can domestic governments play? What role can international agencies play? Examine how realists, liberals, and constructivists would solve this problem.


Global Food Crisis
The global crisis in food is not about shortage of food resources or food production.  It is a crisis in food waste and distribution.   Africa had been infamous for under nutrition and famine.   However, about 55% of fruits and vegetables are wasted in North Africa (Gustavsson et al.).  It is also possible that there are areas with plenty food but just go to waste, not harvested and not brought to market.I met a friend from Asia who met a girl from a poor rural upland where there were plenty of bananas for free that just rots and goes to waste.  But when you go to market, the bananas are very expensive that a normal family could not afford.  
That poor community could have earned from their natural resources but they did not have the means, perhaps the knowledge, network, and technology to market their produce.  Local governments shall have thorough evaluation of their natural resources and encourage and support their community to be able to process and market their products.
Large traders monopolizing the market so as to keep their products at high value could also be probable reason that prevent smaller traders from supplying.  Increasing th

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