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The Gender Pay Gap the U.S Soccer Teams (Essay Sample)


Two threhold concepts should be used in the essay are "intersectionality" and "sexism"
About the 200 hundred memo, I will send the writers the feedback of last short paper.


Revision memo
Upon receiving feedback for this paper, I have made a few changes such as including additional information on various factors that contribute to the existing pay gap between genders in most workplaces in the United States, with a main focus on the US Soccer Team. This paper dicusses and compares activities of the U.S Soccer Teams, which exemplify the prevalent issue of sexism throughout the country. I have also elaborated on multiple perspectives on what causes the pay gap and why they support said perspective. The discussion also explains clearly what sexism is and how FIFA as an association has enabled sexism by pay discrimination between men and women. Intersectionality is discussed widely in the paper and how it helps in dealing with sexism in society. In the concept of intersectionality, I have discussed how men and women are viewed in society. The paper also covers the theory of Psychoanalytic Feminism which mainly focuses on class and race oppression integration alongside gender concerns. The theory also explains the need for changing the view of women as passive objects and be seen as active subjects in the society which will contribute to their equal treatment with men.
The Gender Pay Gap the U.S Soccer Teams
The pay gap that exists between genders is typically defined as the difference in salary of female workers compared to male counterparts. Research shows that the women soccer team in the United States earned $365 million less than that of men despite them performing better than men(Bachman, 324). Sexism is the discrimination which happens regarding the gender and the myth that since the male are more powerful than the female, the act of discrimination can be practiced. Sexism against women is seen as a way of maintaining domination and power of the male. The following discussion explains how sexism has prevailed in society mainly focusing on the pay gap in the US Soccer Teams and how intersectionality can be used to solve the issue of sexism in today’s society.
Studies show that in 2015 the United States women won the World Cup and had won in the Summer Olympic for three years which is a huge difference compared to men’s team. The women have been able to attract more of a fan base since the Women’s World Cup had highest viewership (Doob 416). This is a clear indication that women’s team is more popular compared to men’s. Even after achieving all the popularity women are still earning less compared to men which highlights the institutionalized sexism. In 2018, the World Cup men’s champions took home $38 million, while the 2019 women champions received $4 million in prize (Doob 416). The men were awarded more than what the 24 women teams were competing for. In 2015, the US women’s national team were given $2 million for getting the FIFA trophy whereas men were awarded $9 million for qualifying to the quarterfinals stage (Bachman, 324). Indicating that women in the United States are in a similar situation as US women’s Soccer National Team. The huge difference portrayed in FIFA awards is demonstrated in the collective-bargaining agreements both teams have signed with U.S Soccer Federation (Bachman, 324). The men are bound to earn more depending on how they progress through world cup competitions.
There are various factors which contribute to the pay gap which exist between genders in the United States. Research shows that the pay difference in the soccer team is significant as it emphasizes the motherhood penalty. Men are also considered to have better negotiation skills than women which is another factor as to why the pay gap exist (Budig 126). This context indicates that there are still individuals who support sexist practice. The motherhood penalty indicates...

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