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Gay and Lesbian Marriage Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Discuss about the challenges that LGBT people that are facing today. Focusing on discriminations, diseases, and mental health problems.
1. Introduction
2. Body paragraph
3. Conclusion
4. MLA, double space
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Gay and Lesbian Marriage
An approximation of 10% of the world population belongs to the LGBT community (Burki 1286). More than half of that population lives in denial due to the fear of society’s reaction to their sexuality. Given the fact that we live in a society where a substantial number of people do not approve homosexuality, then it becomes a challenge for the LGBT members to live normal lives. They are forced to pretend for them to fit into society. Therefore, this paper will focus on the various challenges facing members of the LGBT community, such as mental illnesses, discrimination, and a high risk of diseases.
One of the challenges that LBT people are facing in today’s society is mental health. They live in a society where some people are not in support of the movement. Therefore, the need for acceptance in society makes it difficult for most of them to live normal lives. An example is a case where an LGBT member is forced to marry a man or a woman for them to conceal their true identity. In such a case, the marriage is based on lies so that the individual might be accepted in society. The overall effect of such actions is that the person would live a life of regret and being unhappy in the marriage because they chose to marry the same person.

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