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Final exam with three prompts Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Follow the final exam instructions and prompts. I will choose prompt A from group 1, prompt D from group 2 and only E with group 3. I will mark some reading and video with (syllabus) or (sway) which each of the prompt requires some resource from syllabus and sway (syllabus reading will include the studying topic in the end of documents' name and I linked all sway presentations in a documents). You can choose whichever would be best to fit the prompt and cited as you need to. Please read and follow the rubric carefully (my instructor is very picky), I will also upload my midterm essay so you can see what my instructor picks about(like vocab and clarification).


Final Essay Instructions and Prompts Instructions: • Thoroughly read these instructions and each prompt. • Please complete each response in a Word document, 12pt font. • Choose one prompt from Group 1 and one prompt from Group 2. Everyone will answer prompt 3. • Label each answer with the number and letter of the prompt. o Before you submit double check that you have one answer for prompt 1 (a or b), one answer for prompt 2 (c or d), and one answer for prompt 3 (e). • List the word count for each response in parentheses following the response. For example, for this line, I would write: (20 words). • You should use different course materials to answer each question. • Include a works cited page. • Review the grading rubric before you write your response and before you turn it in. ______________________________________________________________________ Group 1: In 450-500 words, answer ONE of the following two prompts. A. After a semester exploring such concepts as intersectionality, heteronormativity, compulsive heterosexuality, and transphobia, this prompt is an opportunity to think through some of the challenges and possibilities of gender. Please watch the following video, “Your Life,” by trans poet Andrea Gibson (pronouns: they/them): Andrea Gibson - Your Life. Analyze Gibson’s poem by answering the following questions: 1. What is this poem about? What is Gibson’s main message? 2. What are some of the difficulties, exclusions, and norms transgender and nonbinary folks are subjected to? What forms of power are enacted onto transgender bodies and lives? 3. How does social constructionism inform the judgments, marginalization and oppression trans folks face? 4. In addition to oppression, how does gender also present itself as possibility/hope in this poem? In writing your response, please cite at least one reading from the syllabus and at least one other resource from the Sways that helps you view feminism, gender or another social identity as a means of possibility, hope, and/or constraint. Some concepts you may wish to engage are cisnormativity, transphobia, social constructionism, gender norms, hegemonic ideology, heteronormativity and/or heteropatriarchy. B. Please watch the following video, “I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much” by comedian and journalist, Stella Young (pronouns: she/her):I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much. In your essay, analyze Young’s talk by answering the following questions: 1. What are the key points from Young’s talk? 2. How does Young describe ableism? 3. What are some of the exclusions and challenges that disabled people face? 4. How does Young analyze the ways that social constructionism informs the judgments, marginalization and oppression that disabled people encounter in their everyday lives? Please cite at least one reading from the syllabus and at least one other resource from the Sways that helps you develop a feminist perspective on ableism. ______________________________________________________________________ Group 2: In 450-500 words, answer ONE of the following two prompts. C. In Sara Ahmed’s “A Killjoy Manifesto,” she writes that a manifesto is “a statement of principle, a mission statement.” She tells us that writing a manifesto “aims to cause” disturbance. Based on the last months of your life, write a feminist manifesto as a response to COVID-19. Write at least three principles (see the Ahmed reading for reference; two must be original, and one may be borrowed) and draw on materials from the course. For example, you might think about feminist principles and feminisms as tools to counter the inequalities becoming so evident since the coronavirus changed out world, or to think through suffering or isolation. Or you might focus on how alternate communities of support can be sustained right now. Write whatever you like, but you MUST draw on course ideas to support your manifesto and principles. I encourage you to be creative! Please cite at least one reading from the syllabus and at least one other resource from the Sways that helps you articulate your manifesto and principles. D. In Gloria Anzaldúa’s “Conciencia de la Mestiza,” she says that the future “belongs to the mestiza,” or in other words, she envisions a future in which the mestiza thrives through the practice of daily survival tactics (tolerating ambiguity, holding multiple beliefs at once, breaking down binaries and oppressive structures, finding community with other outsiders, and more). How do you envision a feminist future? Write a description of the way you think intersectional feminist struggle shapes the world. Include at least three daily survival tactics (two must be original, one may be borrowed from another source). For example, you might think about the goals articulated by any of the many movements we studied this semester. You should focus your response on responding to specific forms of injustice we have discussed in class. Write whatever you like for your principles, but you MUST draw on course ideas to support your vision and tactics. I encourage you to be creative! Please cite at least one reading from the syllabus and at least one other resource from the Sways that helps you articulate your vision and develop your tactics. ______________________________________________________________________ Group 3: In 400-450 words, answer the following prompt. E. Throughout this semester, we have learned that there are many different ways to be a feminist and to apply feminist analysis. In this essay, I would like you to reflect on how your understanding of feminism has evolved throughout the course. 1. First, re-read your posts from weeks 1-6 on your discussion board. 2. Then, reflecting on the lessons over the past 6 weeks, please define ‘feminism’ in your own words. (You may consider directly explaining how you are building on your first definition.) 3. Please choose two concepts from the course (ex. intersectionality, reproductive justice) that have influenced your understanding of feminism. Provide specific examples from at least two readings that demonstrate how your understanding of feminism has changed or expanded throughout the semester.


Final Exam with Three Prompts
Due Date
Final Exam with Three Prompts
1A. Your Life
The poem “my life” focuses on the life of an individual that grows within a religious background. This presents some false impressions that make one wander like a lost, black sheep until one day, they find themselves amidst people of varying hues on the color spectrum. This creates some enlightenment that makes a person realize that the grass does not need to be greener nor the fence modified. This marks the day when one takes off the fake lenses that are possibly shrouded by societal expectations and start to see clearly, the world truth, light and love. This is a representation of places where diversity is celebrated, differences cheered, instead of tolerated, sneered and hated (Gibson).
Transgender and non-binary individuals are subjected to different levels of difficulties. Despite the dramatic movements experienced, the transgender people face some blatant discrimination, high level of violence as well as poor health experiences. Moreover, the Trans people of color face remarkably worse health as well as economic outcomes as they battle various systems of oppression. According to Gibson, transgender people face health disparity such as lack of primary care as well as high rates of attempted suicide. They also bear the economic consequences of discrimination that entail a high level of unemployment, discrimination in education as well as homelessness. Additionally, they experience frightening levels of physical violence and recognition as well as respect for their civil rights. In the poem, Gibson points to the aspect of using inadequate language in the description of the experiences of non-binary gender. In this, the poet uses the metaphor “To explain your gender by saying you are happiest on the road—when you’re not here or there. That’s in-between—the yellow line running down the center of it all” (Gibson).

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