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Film Study - Ice Castles (2010) (Essay Sample)

Assignment # 3 Film Study -Ice Castles (2010) Outcome: Watch a film and complete a film study / review of it. The student will choose a film that they feel reflects issues relating to diversity in our society. The chosen movie is “Ice Castles”2010 Your Film Study should include all of the following: - Give a brief overview of the film. - Discuss the key issues that stood out in the movie/film. For each key issue relate it back to the content that we have covered in this course. - Based on your personal thoughts and beliefs, does the film do a good job at getting its point across to the audience? - Follow up with a personal critique of the movie/film. Did you like it? Why? 4- 5 pages word document - Worth 20% source..
Name of Student:
Ice Castles.
Ice Castles is a movie where a young girl by the name Alexis has a dream of becoming one of the greatest figure skaters during her time. She faces a lot of challenges in her quest to becoming the greatest skater, including losing her eye-sight and even breaking up with her boyfriend. In her suffering, after being blind, Alexis falls in love for the second time with her boyfriend, Nick. Nick with the support of Alexis` father, and her coach come together to make her realize her dream.
Alexis Winston stays in Iowa with her father who is a widower. She participates in a competition in Cedar Rapids where she is discovered by Aiden (Morgan Kelly), who is an Olympic figure skating coach. After an invitation by Aiden, Alexis moved to Boston to pursue Olympic figure skating dreams. Alexis` skating skills improved tremendously while in Boston. She participates in a regional figure skating competition and took position two and also won the sectionals. She becomes very famous in the media. She then qualifies for the National competitions, and even she feels she can compete very well in the Olympics (Ice Castles, 2010).
Nick who is Alexis` boyfriend from Iowa is a bit jealous of her success in skating. He then goes to the sectional event to reconcile with Alexis on their differences, but to make matters worse, he finds Alexis Kissing her coach, Aiden (Jo Ann Schneider Farris). Alexis is now very sad and very much confused because of what she did to Nick. She then decides to go out to skate on a lake while a competition celebration party was taking place so that she could free up her mind from her thoughts of betraying Nick. While skating she tries a complicated jump on the ice and falls, hitting her head badly. The injury on her head is so serious, that it causes her to become blind. This brought an end to Alexis` Skating career.
Alexis then returns to Iowa depressed and with a lot of disappointment. She then reconciles with Nick, and Nick decides to devote himself to helping Alexis return to skating. Nick has a lot of belief in Alexis and sooner than later, Alexis started enjoying ice skating again. Surprisingly enough, Alexis is able to do things the way she used to do when she was not blind. Nick now convinces Alexis to compete in the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships, because he believes that by doing that, Alexis would be able to move ahead with her life. With the help of Nick, her original coach who was based in Iowa, and her father, Alexis competes in the Nationals and her performance was stunning.
One of the key issues which stand out in the movie is the father to daughter relationship. Though Alexis` father is a single parent, he shows a lot of care and love to his daughter. For example, he stood by Alexis when she was trying to get back to training, after the accident which caused her to loose her sight. Another issue is the love relationship between Nick and Alexis. Their relationship was fa...
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