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Family History Narrative: The Numbers of Chinese Immigrants (Essay Sample)


This is the paper about family history. Please follow the instruction in the word, document. There are THREE parts that you need to write.In this paper, please use the view as a "CHINESE" family. Don't just write a story, BE significant. Please write the paper more personal. I would like you to write something for example, why Chinese people (you) moved to U.S? What is the reason? For study? Family reasons? or etc. in addition, the story should in relation to the larger social context: immigration, education, etc. Also, you have to include the "TOPIC PROPOSAL"( about 100words) in the beginning of the essay that I have mentioned in the instruction. I uploaded the instruction and two sample papers for you.


Family History Narrative
"The chilly breeze and the cold weather of winter woke me up in the middle of the night. I tried to figure out what was wrong the very night my family and I arrived in the US. We never knew the winter season was on and struggled to get ourselves warm. I thought of how the weather was different from China, forcing me to wake in the middle of the night only to notice individuals sitting on the streets waiting on guard. Everything had changed and at some point, I felt like I could give up chasing my dreams and return to China. I struggled to understand the American ways, and could not efficiently communicate with them. We were in a strange land where the culture’s varied and the environment was different”.
According to my grandfather, this happened after the abolishment of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 that restricted the Chinese from entering American. My grandfather, currently an architect and sculptor, resides in Seattle and is 87 years old. He won a designing competition for the Chinese sculptural designs that he sells in Seattle. In his living room, I find him preparing some of his client's work and inform him of my intent. I ask him why my father was not vast with much of the information about how we arrived in the United States. He sits down and mentions that during this period, my father was a young man who upon arrival in the foreign land completely assimilated the ways of the Americans. He grew up in America with not much information of what transpired during this period. He mentions that this is one of the riches histories that form a basis for our existence in the American soil and providing me with this information would require me to make him some tea. I then rushed into his kitchen and prepared some tea. As he relaxed, I first asked him what the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was and the rationale behind its inclusion as a law during this period.
According to my grandfather, President Chester A. Arthur singed the Chinese Exclusion Act, which was an important law for Chinese residents. The law restricted the immigration of most of the Chinese laborers who were previously immigrating freely to the U.S. However, the Chinese in the country challenged this constitution by referring to it as discriminatory, an effort that was unsuccessful. In 1892, the government renewed the act for another ten-year period. Chinese immigration was made illegal in 1902. In as much as this legislation proved effective for Congress, the Chinese population sharply declined in the United States.
The main reason for this law according to my grandfather was to regulate the numbers of Chinese immigrants who were constantly entering the American boarders illegally. This resulted into several problems that led to the insecurity of the nation. In addition to this, the state spent much in hosting such immigrants who ended up providing cheap labor in the market, thus affecting the economy of the nation. However, in 1943, this Act was disbanded with the aim of allowing immigrants especially from China to migrate to the US. Several Chinese merchants took this opportunity in search for greener pastures.
My grandfather first migrated to the US in 1945 after the disbandment of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. First of all, my grandfather said that living conditions in our country were so difficult since they had to adapt to a new environment with a different culture. My grandfather mentions that they had to learn English since this was not their first language in order to communicate effectively with the Americans. On the other hand, there was a need to get accustomed with the laws of the land, a factor that required them to constantly seek for opportunities to understand this nation. My grandfather also points to the aspect of racism that put them distinct from the Ame...
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