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European attitudes towards Imperialism (Essay Sample)

Define Imperialism and discuss how and why European attitudes towards Imperialism changed after 1870. Construct an argument and provide specific historic examples to support your point. I've attached some pages from the source book that most citations should come from. "The Making of the West", 3rd edition, Vol 2, by Lynn Hunt, et al.. source..
European attitudes towards Imperialism
The spirit of imperialism carried the day in the 18th and 19th century as a number of European powers and other countries sought to extend their rule over other territories. Imperialism had a number of effects to the countries that were colonies of the imperial powers, as well as, to the world order. The shifts of power, and desire by imperial regimes to have power through expanding their territories of influence shaped the many events that took place after 1870. Indeed, from this period, there was a new battle for power, and balance of power between the European nations and other imperial regimes.
Imperialism refers to set of policies of policy that seeks to extend the authority and rule of a nation or empire over other foreign countries. In this regard, imperial nations extended their rule to other foreign territories, as a way of gaining power and control over the new territories. This policy advanced the move to acquire and take over colonies, and make them dependent on them. In this regard, imperialism makes a nation to have a greater influence over the economic and political life of foreign nations. Imperialism was widely used in the previous periods, especially at the end of the 18th century, and the beginning of the 19th century. At this period, European countries went ahead to conquer the Africa and Asia regions.
European attitudes towards Imperialism
The purpose of imperialism was to get new markets for manufacturing products, as well as, raw materials for manufacturing companies in the mother countries. In the early 18th century, the European established colonies so that they would get land for raising the raw materials for their companies. The premise objective was to exploit the natural resources, as well as, dominate over the colonies. This worked well at the period, up to the year 1870, when things began to change. After 1870, a new form of imperialism was established.
First, after 1870, the European attitudes to imperialism changed from merely exploitation of natural resources, into an economic venture. In this regard, Europe extended power over ten million square miles, which covered an excess of 50 million people. The change in attitudes f...
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