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Ethnographic paper. Discuss a typical Shanghai cuisine in China (Essay Sample)


Ethnographic Progress Report

My topic is to discuss a typical Shanghai cuisine in China. I have searched several information online to have a basic idea of Shanghai cuisine, and there are many classic Shanghai dishes which are well known throughout history. In order to get better understanding of this cuisine, I decided to interview with one of my friend who is originally from Shanghai, China and let her tell me what Shanghai cuisine is. I have started an interview with her. She first tells me that Shanghai cuisine mainly focus on using more sugar and soy sauce to have a stronger look and taste. Also, she has cook for me a very famous dish, braised pork in soy sauce. From that dish, I learned how a dish look and taste. Also, she describes how Shanghai cuisine came and formed because her father is a Shanghai cuisine chef. I am going to continue interviewing her and her father to search for resources and interviewing her about Shanghai cuisine for the next few days.


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Discuss a typical Shanghai cuisine in China
I am a researcher at the Syracuse University in China. I am conducting this survey in order to facilitate my research, which endeavors to assess the population’s perception on quality, taste, consumption of food amongst the Chinese cuisine in Shanghai. This research is purely academic, and will solely be used for that purpose. Your details or data provided will not be passed onto a third party without your permission. This research will result in a user-centric conceptual framework that will inform current and future stakeholders with factors that could successfully inform the population on the Shanghai cuisine delicacies in China.
A descriptive account of the activity
Eating presents one of the basic needs for human survival making the base of food offered on the world platform to be very wide. China is well known as one of the fast-developing nations of the world with an increasing number of inhabitants as well as a booming economy; this creates a growing and steady offer of foreign cuisines. However, there is a big difference between the Chinese and Western-based restaurants providing different dishes depending on the influencing factors.

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