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Environmental Regulation (Essay Sample)

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Running head: Environmental regulation
Environmental regulation involves managing pollution and taking care of the natural resources. These laws help to conserve the environment and ensure it remains clean despite its exploitation. It has become a major concern in many countries worldwide. The quality of the environment contributes to the quality status the citizens since it directly affects the wellbeing of persons in a nation and can also be a contributing factor to people visiting an area due to its cleanliness. Areas that are affected by environmental exploitation include issues such as pollution, agriculture, energy, change in climatic patterns and biodiversity. This has raised lot of concern on environmental issues related to them.Infact much is being discussed these days concerning environmental issues worldwide and this can be confirmed from the newspapers which is addressing many of these concerns and how they can be regulated Climate change has been one of the issues discussed currently by many because its effects are universal. Due to over exploitation of resources worldwide, the climatic patterns have drastically changed and its effects experienced worldwide. Human activities are changing day in day out and this has resulted to a larger extent in climate change.
This paper will address issues related to climate change. The industrial revolution has resulted in an uprising number of industries worldwide. These industries use energy from fossil fuel. This has increased the amount of carbon emitted to the atmosphere. Therefore being a major cause of global warming its reduction in the atmosphere is of paramount importance. The papers will therefore define climate change, its causes, its effects and ways of controlling it worldwide.
Climate change
Climate change is a worldwide issue and its one of the issues bringing a lot of disagreement. Climate change can be defined as the variation in the existing conditions of the environment on all earthly and spatial scale past that of individual weather activities. Global climate change shows a variation in either the standard conditions of the climate or in its inconsistency, continuing for many years. Global climate change results in variation in mean weather conditions including a change in mean temperature worldwide and also variation in the way places will receive intense weather conditions, lack of rain, heat waves and torrents. This variation in individual weather conditions will eventually result in variation in climate change. Change in climate does not always mean increase in temperature. It involves places experiencing intense and inconsistent weather conditions from the way it had been experiencing. This means such places will receive high rainfall at certain times, more snowfall, typhoons, longer dry periods and more frequent rainstorms These changes are being experienced in most parts of the world D...
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