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Democracy in Venezuela (Essay Sample)

The Carter Center hired you to write a report on the state of democracy in Venezuela. The main theme of your report is: Is President Hugo Chavez weakening or strengthening democracy in Venezuela? Please describe how Chavez has changed the political system of Venezuela. (Ex. System of political parties, constitutions, division of power among branches, and restrictions to liberties) and evaluate these changes and their impact on the Venezuelan democracy. answer must be written in an essay form. It should have an introduction (explaining what the essay is about, your argument and how you are organizing the essay-road map), a body (where you where you develop your argument or ideas) and a conclusion. Your essay must be clear, focused and organized. You must present provide historical information to support your argument. source..
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Democracy in Venezuela
Many citizens in Venezuela wonder why there is no solid opposition party in the country. What is more perplexing is that there is a wider section of the society which advocates for the replacement of the elected Government. Very few citizens in Venezuela imagined of the depth of the societal transformation that Hugo Chavez and his political movement would bring to the country upon his victory in the presidential election in 1998. Chavez launched an aspiring project Bolivian Revolution which involved the re-founding of the Venezuelan republic. The question of the type of democracy to exist or not in Venezuela is not a mere abstract or theoretical matter but it perhaps brings out the most important social and political dynamics in Venezuela. Rising debates on the institutions and principles of Venezuelan democracy began upon the arrival of President Hugo Chavez to power. A lot has changed and since he was sworn in as president.
The political system has been compromised while amendments have been made without prior consent of the Governing Authority. Hugo was able to win his seat in 1998 after he attacked some of the key principles and institutions of representative democracy (Canache 90). He later on formulated a constitutional Assembly to draw a new constitution. In the light of the new constitution, the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela was known as a “democratic, participatory and protagonist society.” however many critics and observers of Venezuelan politics have questioned the democratic nature of Hugo’s regime. For some Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution have caused more harm than good to the democracy of Venezuela. His eight years under leadership have been symbolized by a drastic disregard for the rule of laws, breakdown of party system and weakening of government institutions.
This paper will explore on how President Chavez leadership has changed the political system of Venezuela with regards to its political parties, division of powers among branches and institutions and restrictions to liberties. Later on it will explore on how these changes impact on Venezuelan democracy. According to an NGO Human Rights Watch (43) it opposed policies enacted by the Government of Venezuela to suppress the judiciary power and the independent media as a means of silencing the opposition. This move made the Venezuelan media to be “vulnerable” and the judicial authorities to be “supportive” to the interests of the Venezuelan Government. Enforcing laws and regulation was the key measure of destruction that Hugo Chavez’s administration imposed as a way of silencing the media. The Venezuelan Government has been accused of undermining the rights of its citizens to freedom of expression and freedom of association. Hugo Chavez has filled the judicial system with his supporters making it hard for opposition leaders to rally against him. This move ...
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