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Crowdfunding Script: Utopia Crowd Funding (Essay Sample)


I am crowdfunding to raise the money to get a website created to represent the country I want to start. I believe making a crowdfunding video will help raise the money I need for the website. Basically I just need for you to make a 3 minutes script with a storyboard detailing each scene. In the script there would need to be an intro leading into the vision I have for the country, and outro detailing why I would like for you to donate to start the website or a call for action. Last, remember their needs to be a storyboard detailing each scene. Make the story board great, but keep it simple. Also, I will attach a file on what my vision is, so you can use it in the script.
When you write the story board, or detail the storyboard make sure it does not require actors to act it out. Write the script for a spoke person who will be doing a voice over for the video. Also, make sure with the storyboard you detail what each scene is about. Thank you.


Utopia Crowd Funding
What would it be like to live in a country that offers all that you need and more? Where one is not harassed with unending exploitative taxes, free to invest in the future of our children without the hindrances in our society? A country where one is free to let their creativity run wild and access to the right jobs is a never-ending trail of success. Utopia offers the citizens a paradise where everything is possible and as the King of the monarch I am all too eager to help the people achieve their level best (Glencorse, Blair). Partners across the globe are requested to make sizeable donations towards creation of a website that will represent our dream country.
Scene One: The Kingdom
EXT. The Beauty
The scene opens on the magnificent beaches, with the sun shining over the waters reflecting a colorful array of relaxation. The camera shows a run over the surfing scenes, over the beaches and into the city. Tall buildings greet the viewers with a marvel of brilliant and bold architectural works of art. Clean streets below with trees running across the avenues. Lash green lawns in the parks are seen as the camera now focuses on the calm, refreshing, orderly and serene suburbia.
Narrator: this is a paradise for all those that dare to dream. It is a place that is sculptured out of the brilliance of the few that seek a haven that they can call their own (Vota, Wayan). A place they are not afraid to go b

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