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i will send an email of the picture of the instructions. Use cases Lyons v. Oklahoma [1944] Mallory v. Hogan and Miranda v. Arizona source..
In every state, there are laws that define the coexistence of different individuals. In America, the constitutional law is the body of the law that interprets the constitution and deals with its implementation. The law states the role of the government and it consists of judiciary, executive, and the legislature. The citizens and the law enhancing forces need to understand and implement the law to enhance justice in the land. However, the government and the citizens tend to ignore the constitutional laws and the judgments done therefore, become unjust. This paper examines the event of the case of Savon in search of evidence that was searched and the seized evidence, custodial and non-custodial statements and the confessions made there in. therefore, it will examine all the events that took place since the26th shooting of Savon by Klansman (Kanovitz, 2012).
It is evident that officer Klansman killed the young Savon. The officer confesses that he shoot Savon on twenty-sixth day of February. He defends himself by quoting the law of Florida, stand your ground law. The law states that a person can only commit murder in self-defense. This makes the court declare him not guilty. However, this happens only because the police department and the district attorney who happen to be relatives to officer Klansman destroy the evidence that would prove officer Klansman guilty. Later, the police arrest Klansman after the governor appoints state attorney as the prosecutor in the case who sets a task force to investigate on the 26th shooting (Kanovitz, 2012). The taskforce gather evidence from the radio calls on the 911 on that day of shooting. The evidence unveils the officer’s voice saying that such people always get away. This statement is evident that the officer had purposed to eliminate the victim and the people of his class. The recordings also unveil the voice of the victim screaming. The evidence is clear that the victim and the officer were not involved in a scuffle as the officer claims.
It is evident that Savon is involved in drug dealing. The coach at Morehouse College in Atlanta finds marijuana from the senior’s bag (Friedman, 2009). This leads to his suspension from the school as his case is investigated. However, the young carter has no prior arrest records it is clear that he is involved in illegal dealing with further evidence from his father’s car. When officer Goosehead stops Mr. Savon, he searches the car and finds a box of marijuana and money. The late Savon left the money. Further investigations reveal that Savon and Lee Ray Carter are related. Lee Ray Carter is a known drug dealer. Therefore, it is evident that he would have introduced the young nephew into the drug dealing (Blond, 2009). However, the evidence is clear that Savon was not guilt at the night of his death.
Ray carter is guilty of drug dealing and the murder of Julio de Jesus. The evidence is the c...
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