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Climate Change and Environmental Regulation. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The readings and short films aim to familiarize you with our current predicament with climate change: it is the number one environmental issue of our time due to its scale and impact and the challenge it poses for global governance. Namely, it is an issue that nations unevenly produce - and those that contribute more to the production of climate change are not necessarily the ones doing the most about it. After reading and watching the selections from learning materials, discuss (1) what climate change is and what is primarily causing it, and (2) China's current position in the global community in terms of its place as a contributor to the problem and key innovator for addressing it.
*Be sure to familiarize yourself with the World Resources Interactive map and specify how much China contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions and by which sector.
(1) responds to all aspects of the prompt, (2) use concrete examples from the text(s) to validate your response and be sure to cite (page numbers needed), and (3) draws connections across of the readings.
Learning materials
1. China Climate Action Tracker.
2. Mulvaney 2019 Climate Change Report Card
3. Jun 2019 How China Can Truly Lead the Fight Against Climate Change
4. How China is (and isn't) fighting pollution and climate change | Angel Hsu
5. James Hansen TEDx talk on climate change


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Climate Change and Environmental Regulation
Climate change is the long-tern change in average weather patterns across the globe. It leads to changes in oceans, land surface, and also ice sheets that happens gradually over decades or more. Climate change is primarily caused by the growth of greenhouse gases presence in the atmosphere (Jun). 

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