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Cheryl Dunye and Takemoto (Essay Sample)


Revision instructions: take the paper attached (00031335_revised_7.doc ) and rewrite according to the following:
"i would appreciate it if you can ask the writer to re write me a professional thesis statement for the paper because thats where my paper is lacking an important part. My paper is due tomorrow morning and i am very much upset and stressed out. i kept repeating that the thesis statement has to make argument and a strong claim but i keep getting thesis as descriptive and statement. Can you please make sure i get a strong re write of an argument thesis rather than explanation or description?"
Original order instructions:
write a final paper that juxtaposes and evaluates two of the author's assigned materials (Cheryl Dunye (5 files) and Takemoto (2 files)) and makes an argument that demonstrates an understanding of how two guest speakers’ chosen methodologies, frameworks, and/or formats come out of their intellectual training, community engagement, and desired interventions. Students should revisit the assigned materials in light of both the guest speaker’s presentation and the semester-long discussions about feminist interventions, broadly understood. Final papers should address how the materials/speakers engage with the
intersections of gender, race, sexuality, citizenship, and other axes of identity and experience, and should include discussion of additional texts that one or more of the authors or guests reference The paper should reflect a cumulative understanding of feminist interventions in different fields and community spaces.
Important notes:
don't forget that you must bring in two additional scholarly sources (articles, chapters, books) that are cited in one or both of the author's materials) you are discussing and that these materials are in the service of you making your argument.
3. Don't forget you are making an argument about the materials you select, not just telling me what they are about. Specifically, you are being asked to make an argument about how the form and content/theme of the interventions are related or work together. In discussing your materials, think about who the audience might be, the communities they are working with, the type of intervention they are trying to make, the stakes of their intervention, and how they select a form that matches their goals.
4. Evaluate their accomplishments, formal strategies, compare/contrast their ways of approach, why they are important (make an argument), blurring between fiction and non fiction, what can their work evaluate and why is it important etc...

Reflection Paper
This paper exposes and evaluates the works of Cheryl Dunye and Takemoto in the intervention in the marginalized and their fight for liberation. Thesis statement: Capturing the memories of the past for instance through photography is of major importance as memories can help in the fight for rights within the community. The enslavement of blacks in America, although outlawed several decades ago, has had a negative effect on black women today and this slavery is attributed to the history of queer behavior of African America women. The Japanese American concentration camps played a role in the development of queer desires formed around same sex relationships among Japanese Americans. Through their art which included works of fiction and photography, Cheryl Dunye and Tina Takemoto learned about the existence of queer behaviors in the community. They used their documentaries as a method of intervention and to support the fight for the rights of gay people within the community and to speak for the oppressed who include African American women and Japanese Americans.
Several authors have acknowledged the power and importance of memories in the fight for rights in the community. Stories should pass through generations if they must be nurtured, modeled and identified. This helps people to reflect on the past and change the undesirable habits and practices for the good of every person regardless of their culture. The presence of Onuma’s gay photographs is evidence that the activity was at the Japanese American concentration camp in America (Sueyoshi 6). However it does not prove that this is the origin of these queer behaviors because Onuma being gay could have escalated from his personal desire. Through photographs, movies and reading history, we are able to tell the past, the effect of memories vary according to gender and society, the memories inform of the various stakes held by individuals or institutions in what the past means today. Other scholars have it that time is marked with anniversaries each presenting a desire to fix history and declare it stable. However, if we are to fix the past memories, we should consider them as an encouragement rather than a night mare.
The use of photography is very important for memorization. They have a profound ability to create trouble and also interfere with our memories as people or communities (Sturken, 689). For example, for many World War 2 veterans, Hollywood films on the World War 2 reenact their personal memories into a general script. However the presence of images can also be used as a tool to forgetting. The world war produced various images. Iconic images such as the raising of the American flag by American combatants as well as the image of the mushroom cloud as a result of the atomic bombing rising over Hiroshima are components of the national story of the war in which United States was successful, and these images screen out most disruptive images. In some cases such as the genocide in Rwanda and inside Japanese American concentrations, the government prohibited photography. This was aimed at burying disruptive images that may raise memories in the future. The use of Photographs of Onuma at the Japanese American concentration camp in America does not prove that this is the origin of these queer behaviors since Onuma being gay could have escalated from his personal desire.
Women’s movement is believed to be the ancient unresponsive tradition of older white women. Cheryl Dunye reflects on how the legacy of slavery affects the lives of black women in the 20th century. She believes that this legacy of slavery of the 20th century had a negative effect on black women and therefore attributes this to the history of queer behavior of an African America woman. Women liberalization also calls for the inclusion o...
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