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Cesare Lombroso’s Criminal Man Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Read the following Chapters related to Cesare Lombroso’s Criminal Man: In this assignment you will be asked to answer questions about the Reading.
Chapter 1: Deals with physical characteristics.
The Reading is approximately 48 pages (3-51) in short form and common English. While reading, please keep in mind the following questions and points related to key concepts on Positivist Theories. You are encouraged to use the below listed points to support your study guide for understanding Lombroso.
Lombroso writes on page 5 that the difference between Classical Criminology and Positivist Theory is that Positivists believe crime is the result of physical and psychic (brain) differences between the criminal and normal people.
The physical studies focused on: Head size and shape, Face structure, the Eyes, the Ears, the Nose, the Cheek Pouches, Palate, Mouth and Teeth, the Chin, facial Wrinkles, Hair, Thorax, Limbs, Feet, Brain. A useful way to understand Lombroso’s theory is to recognize one or two “differences” between criminals and normal individuals in these physical characteristics.
The Sensory or psychic studies that Lombroso characterized are better recognized as the 5 Senses. Strength and agility are also measured. Understand a few key differences between criminals and normal individuals in these categories.
Regarding Psychological differences between criminals and normal individuals, what are some of the key differences in affections, moral senses such as repentance and remorse, cynicism, loyalty vs. treachery, vanity, impulsiveness, vindictiveness, cruelty, idleness, gambling, orgies, games, and intelligence?
Lombroso characterizes criminal offenders as oriented toward use of slang, expression of ideas through pictures, and tattooing.
On page 48, Lombroso summarizes his findings with a number of exceptions that show criminals have normal traits, and normal persons have criminal traits. Then, his one conclusion emphasizes that among all of the data, it is all of these factors of physical, psychic, psychological, and expression that are found in one individual that supports his theory of a born criminal? This chapter concludes with historical proverbs that he asserts likewise support this study.


Student’s Name
Cesare Lombroso’s Criminal Man
The concept of criminology relies on behavior, among other factors, to assess criminal offenses. Cesare's concept shows that criminality is inherited, and there are specific behaviors that characterize a criminal. Pages 3 throughout 50 illustrate physical characteristics that can be used to identify a criminal, such as facial asymmetry, forehead, and the distance between eyes. One of the book's characters is remorse behavior, whereby criminals show signs of hallucinations due to drug abuse. Remorse behavior can be quite devastating, and sometimes it can lead to unfair judgment.
For example, Marquise made the prison chaplain vulnerable as a result of cynicism. These be

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