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Causes Of The Montgomery Bus Boycott (Essay Sample)


In your essay or story include the following information:
What happened during your civil rights event?
What were the causes of this event?
What were the effects of this event?
What role did the government play in this event?


Date due:
Montgomery bus boycott
Causes of the Montgomery bus boycott
The Montgomery bus boycott was a significant African American civil-rights achievement, whereby African Americans residing in Montgomery, Alabama boycotted city buses for thirteen months. The boycott came about after forty-two years old African- American woman named Rosa Parks declined to surrender her bus seat for a white rider. Accordingly, she was arrested and fined ten dollars plus an additional four dollars in court fee. According to the Montgomery city regulations, African Americans were only allowed to sit at the back of the buses while the whites sat in the front. In case the seats in the white sections filled; the African Americans had to yield their seats for the whites. Although Rosa was not the first African American to refuse to give up her bus seat, her impeccable reputation and standing in the community provided a fitting opportunity for the civil rights movements to confront these segregation laws.
What happened during the bus boycott?
The boycott event occasioned various events. First, civil rights individuals E.D Nixon of and Jo Ann Robinson printed out leaflets bearing Parks' case. The two, together with their followers distributed the leaflets mobilizing the people to boycott the use of the city buses on the fifth of December. Their main agendas were to demand courtesy, to push for the hiring of black drivers and the adoption of the first –come-first seated rule. On the fifth

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