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Captivity: What Is The Purpose Of Life In A Cage? (Essay Sample)


Refer to the Group Research Project Assignment Instruction link that can be accessed in the Module tab.
Follow the assignment directions including the number and kinds of sources required to answer the question "Zoos: what works and what does not work for humans, individual animals and animal species?"
A completed draft of the essay project is due as a paper copy in class Week 12 on 4/4/2018. The polished final essay project is due as a paper copy with the confidential peer assessment rubric in class Week 8 on 4/11/2018.
The final version of the essay project will be graded for form and content with comments and returned with a numeric score the following week. The numeric score will also be posted on Canvas.
Above is the draft I have done. Now I am look for the final vision. I will give you the draft our group have done. Then what you should do it editing the grammar and follow the instruction to finish the whole essay. If you have any question, let me know.


Captivity: What is the Purpose of Life in a Cage?
In today's postmodern society, there tends to be a negative stigma on the subject of animals being held in captive environments. Activists around the world present types of propaganda such as articles, books, illustrations, music, etc. against animals in captivity, to incite emotional appeal within the audience. Authors and illustrators exhibit their research in the mistreatment of animals to aid the movement of animal conservation through ethical standpoints. Animals being held captive are often suffering. This is mistreating them since they are limited to a little space which hinders them from wandering about.
According to Ranganathan, “zoos are prisons for animals no one needs to see a depressed penguin in the flesh” (2017). Zoos subject animals to depression thus make one see no essence of having them around. A view of the zoos in relation to the specific animals depicts that the animals are subjected to miserable captivity where they have little freedom. Ranganathan postulates that the rights of animals kept in zoos are infringed and according to statutes of animal rights, people should refrain from capturing and confining animals. However, it is important to note that being members of endangered species guarantees the captivity of animals.
Zoos are used for educational and recreational purposes by human beings. Amid the infringed freedom of the animals, seeing the animals in person is thought to be more memorable. It is also thought that zoos are important places for educating the public as well as fostering the public's appreciation for animals. Visits to the zoos have also been linked to tradition and family activities. In the human perspective, the zoos are pleasant and sources of entertainment. However, people ignore the fact that animals in captivity lack freedom of movement, and the ability to devour the land as they wander about.
Zoos can also be beneficial or detrimental. Most farmers, ranchers and people who live off the land or live in rural areas are anti-captivity thus prefer animals being free and in the wild, whereas people who live in cities and towns are more likely pro-captivity. They prefer the animals being in captivity to enjoy the scenery that zoos provide. They do not put into consideration what these animals experience while being held captive. In either case, this makes the issues or problems brought about by menageries or institutions which hold these animals captive more relevant and difficult to conclude.
Zoos also provide entertainment. For instance, SeaWorld provides animal entertainment to hundreds of thousands of city goers each year. However, these zoos are criticized by animal rights organizations for the captivity of their orcas. Sea World ended its breeding program just after its last orca, Takara, became pregnant in 2015. “The program came under criticism from animal rights activists, especially since a 2013 documentary claimed that captivity was harmful to orcas” (Diebel, 2017). The organization not only claimed to end their orca breeding program but also their orca shows by 2019, which generates nearly seventy percent of Sea World's annual revenue. Sea World was told to retire Takura and her calf to a seaside sanctuary. The animal activist groups, though, have reason to confront menageries such as Sea World for the captivity of their animals.
A study released in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology by Schwab and Gänzle (2011) showed that the composition of the captive polar bear fecal matter closely resembled the fecal bacteria population of captive grizzly and black bears. The test looked at the percentage of toxins in the fecal matter of these bears and compared it to the amount in non-captive black and gri...

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