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Canadian Identity: Summary Essay (Essay Sample)

Hello Dear Writer In this assignment i want to have 400 words of summary regarding the topic called Imagining a Canadian identity through sport : A historical interpretation of lacrosse and hockey. IT should be in summary format and therefore, I attached a chapter in my book explaining the exact format for summary. it is chapter 7 and i will attached it for you,so, please read through chapter 7 in order to have an idea about summary format. the format of the summary should be MLA and I also i attached summary guid line for you which will describe what i need to have in my summary assignment please read through that one and cover all the points that is mention there. I will place another order for you with different topic please notice that this two summaries are for the same class but with different topics and for another person. if you have any concern please let me know. Thanks in advance source..

Canadian Identity
For as long as Canada has existed, Canadians have been internationally perceived to be polite in nature. Thus, how hockey and lacrosse - which are known for ferocity, speed, and violence – came to be Canada’s national symbol is a mystery (Robidoux 271). The genesis of lacrosse and hockey in Canada and their adaption as Canadian national symbol based on the descriptive essay of Robidoux Michael is summarized in the following rationale.
The author gives an in depth account on why Canadians were able to resist an imported Canadian identity that was imposed by the English settlers. He gives an illustration of a nationalist Beer, whose ideologies on national identity construction saw the adaption of lacrosse as an early Canadian symbol. Beer also accredited for publishing the first rules of lacrosse- initially referred to as ‘baggatway’ but later changed by the French settlers- refrained the Native Canadians from pursuing cricket- perceived by the English settlers to be more gentle and civilized.
The author further clarifies the relevance of sports sensibilities in conflict. He deliberates why lacrosse served as a viable alternative to imported British sports. According to the author, the game appealed to males who identified a more physically aggressive notion rather than the reserved expression in cricket. Efforts to sanitize lacrosse were not successful and the game was played as originally as it was designed-aggressively and intensely.
He subsequently outlines the major changes by the National Lacrosse Association official that saw lacrosse being relegated into an amateur game. With an amateur being defined then by the American Athletic Union as someone who had never competed for money against any professional, it had restrictive stipulations on Native Canadians who were ineligible to play. The writer narrates on how ineligible potential lacrosse players were forced to take up other alternatives besides lacrosse. Though baseball and football were preferred, they did not emulate the symbolic value of lacrosse hence, hockey was embraced beca...
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