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Do You Believe In God? Why Or Why Not? Consider Counterarguments (Essay Sample)


I do not believe in God.

God Exists
The case of proving God’s existence has been a tough nut to crack for a long time now. The fact that God cannot physically support his existence through showing up has not helped in the debate either. This paper will address the issue of God’s existence and highlight my stand on this touching discussion.
One evidence that proves God’s existence is just a myth brought out in the way natural explanations are now replacing what were initially believed to be of supernatural ones. For example, the rising and setting of the sun used to be believed to be caused by God. Through science, it has been proven that it is as a result of the rotation of the earth in relation to its spherical nature. No natural explanation has ever been replaced by a supernatural one. It is therefore, safe to say that the more the knowledge we acquire from our environment, the more we get to see how God’s existence is a myth.
Another evidence supporting why God does not exist is witnessed through his diminishing powers. In the past, there are records showing how powerfu...
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