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Asian American Study Class Reflection (Essay Sample)


First, read “Thank You” by Alex Haley and “White Lies” by Adler, Rosenfeld, and Towne. Watch “What Do Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali and “Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” by Randy Pausch. Then, truthfully reflect on how AAS100 Introduction to Asian American Studies has helped you learn more about YOU—your educational pursuit, your capacity to be accountable, and your relationship to others (= classmates, instructor, and others who differ from you in terms of race, gender, class, and sexuality. Finally, reflect on what things do you wish to have done differently in AAS100. Relate and cite all the YT videos, WTs, and AAS100 course material to strengthen your reflection to/in your reflection.
Writing Three Thank-You Letters - Alex Haley Tribute
“White Lies” Ronald. B. Adler,. Lawrence. B. Rosenfeld,. and. Neil. Towne. In How English Works: A Grammar Handbook with Readings
Taylor Mali on what teachers make 
Andy Pausch's “Last Lecture: Achieving Your YT: Childhood Dreams” 


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Social Sciences
Asian American Study Class Reflection
While taking this class, I have a lot to reflect on because of the learnings and insights that my professor taught. This writing will have my realizations, ideas, and contemplation about the morals and lessons the class has taught me. Furthermore, it opened my mind to others and how our differences should not be an issue when we are working together and forming relationships.
First of all, it has a positive effect on my educational pursuit because I did not know what to expect at 1st because an idea of what a class is supposed to be about is something a student has at the beginning. However, all of that could change once the class has started because it can change my perspective and enlighten me. I honestly thought that having an academic achievement is difficult, but when a person puts time and effort to study their lessons, they can excel in school. If a subject was difficult for me, there were people who offered help and I should thank them because they are part of whatever I am going to achieve. Any student is faced with challenges, but he or she should never forget to show gratitude. In addition, if I had offended anyone during the class, they deserve my apology because I am accountable for that. I should also show my instructor how grateful I am for giving me the right knowledge because some facts can be misleading. My instructor is someone I look up to because despite of the challenges in the classroom each day, I did not see any sign of giving up nor resentment. Simply because my instructor knew that we are all different and it took a lot of patience to discipline all of us.
I also appreciate my instructor for being persistent and knowing the best strategy to use for teaching us. They say that being

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