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Research Assignment: Are People Born Gay or Straight? (Essay Sample)


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Are People Born Gay or Straight?
The debate on nature and nurture and the effects of each on man’s sexual orientation dates back several decades ago. Initially, homosexuality was regarded as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). However, the above was renounced after Karen Hooker’s study on the relationship between psychological development and homosexuality. Karen’s conclusion was that sexual orientation is not based or affected by environmental factors. APA, therefore, decided to denounce their earlier conclusion and in their 1975 public statement revealed that homosexuality is not a mental disorder. The above led to the emergence of different theories as peopled tried to justify their stance on the debate. While the above was going on, scientists buried themselves in research and tried to find some biological basis for homosexuality. However, nothing substantial is yet to put the final nail in this debate's coffin entirely.
Currently, a significant percentage of people who identify themselves as gay believe that 10% of homosexuals are born that way while others only come to realize it later. There is also the notion that others grow up as misfits and seem to like things that appear weird in the eyes of others. However, there are those who still cling to the idea of homosexuality being a condition or a lifestyle that can be reversed or treated. Every theory that is put across has its justification and people are willing to provide detailed studies to support their stance. However, nature seems to be the most viable of...
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