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A Nation of Immigrants (Essay Sample)

answer the 2 questions after reading the article. two or three par each give me my complet 2 apges worth of information according to the article.The questions art attacted beginning with #1 Do you believe that immiration hurts the ecomomy by dsriving wages down anbd causing unemployment. #2 What are the functions and dysfunction of immigration.Immigrants and research paper is on the same scan. Doris source..

A Nation of Immigrants
Professor Name:
(April 10, 2013)

A Nation of Immigrants
Immigrants are the people who moves from their origin country or region where they were born to go and settle another country or region of their choice permanently. These people when they move from their country and settle in another foreign country they affects the economy of the country greatly. In some circumstances where immigrants are settling in a developed countries like in United States the economy is always boosted upwards in some ways compared to developing countries. Some immigrants to these developed countries are professionals with good careers and when they migrate to these countries they go to practice their professionalism, hence providing services to these states and helping in creating the income thus building the country’s economy.
On the other hand with the excess availability of manpower leads to low pay in return that is if the labor provided has many people who can provide it, but in a case where the skills of the immigrants are rare to get then the pay goes up due to the high demand of that specific skill. In occasions where the immigrants are more in a certain country they increase the products demand and by these on the other side the demand of labor supply gets high, so in such occasions there can be more creation of employments to cater for the demand and that might not in some way bring the wages down. A situation where we have immigrants with skills brings in the new working plans and ideas which helps in more inventions of new technologies and thus improving the production rate, with the improvement the host country gets economic growth. So the effects of the wages and employments by the immigrants depends with the skills and professionalism of the immigrants and how long they are staying in the hosts country.
There are immigrants function which are to check the migration of citizens if they are legal or illegal, whether they stay the allowed period and even deals with the deportation of illegal immigrants .They facilitates the acquiring of migration documents where necessary for the citizens of their country and also for the immigrants in their country, they also monitors the movement in and out of the country and makes sure that the immigrants are not violating law. They listens to any claim placed by the immigrants regarding their documents or when they need their stay to be prolonged or want to change any detail in their documents. When there is a need of hiring the forei...
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