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Canada's 9/11: the bombing of Air India Flight 182 (Essay Sample)

ADVANCED SECURITY / TERRORIZM ASSIGNMENT “Canada's 9/11”: the bombing of Air India Flight 182 In the early morning hours of June 23rd, 1985, Air India Flight 182 approached the west coast of Ireland. At approximately 12:14 a.m., a bomb detonated a charge and blew open a hole in the left aft fuselage of the plane. The aircraft was blown apart, falling approximately 31,000 feet below into the Atlantic Ocean. All 329 passengers and crew were killed. It was, at that point and up until 9/11 in New York City, the worst act of terrorism against the traveling public in world history. PURPOSE: Demonstrate to me you understand the importance of Air India to Canada, the ramifications of the government inquiries, trials, media coverage etc. Describe precursors, transactions, and the aftermath of Air India Flight 182. (EX: Summarize the precursors of Air India Flight 182, the transaction of the terrorist event, and our government's inability or unwillingness to recognize this terrorist threat and thus prevent the death of 329 innocent people as well as Canada's responses to the aftermath of the event including the apprehension and punishment of all parties involved, lessons learned from this Canadian tragedy, and new National Security Strategy measures implemented if any.) Attention: 1. Your task is to research the case/event and summarize it. Exact quoting is not allowed, I want your assignment to be in your words demonstrating that you understood the case. 2. The assignment will be a minimum of 5 full pages (partial pages will not be counted as a page), there is no maximum number of pages. Failure to comply with the 5 page minimum will result in a mark of “0”. Ensure you number the pages. 3. You will, in addition to submitting your report to me on the due date, send me an electronic version of your report so it can be plagiarized checked. It is your responsibility to ensure I receive the electronic copy, I will send you a receipt for it once I receive the report. If I do not send you a receipt it means I did not receive it and your assignment mark will be zero (0). 4. The assignment must be typed and double spaced using a 12 point Times New Roman or Arial type font. DO NOT USE ALL BOLD TYPE. Spelling and grammar will be marked. NOTE: Zero marks will be assigned for late submission. Zero marks will be assigned if the font, spacing and 5 page criteria are not adhered to Zero marks will be assigned if the electronic version is not received by me on or before the due date. This assignment is worth 40% of your final mark. THE ASSIGNMENT IS DUE: source..
Canada`s 9/11;: the bombing of Air India Flight 182
Importance of Air India to Canada
Due to the fact that there is bilateral trade between India and Canada, which has been increasing since the two countries came into good terms, for instance, in 2010, the trade resulted to about four billion US dollars. As a result, Air India is of great importance to Canada as it facilitates/ transports many exports from India to Canada and many imports from Canada to India. As a result, the airline is very important to Canada. Major exports from India to Canada include garments, engineering goods, and foods, among other products. Moreover, there are goods transported from Canada to India by Air India. For this trade to be effective, Air India plays a very important role in transportation.
Moreover, there are many Canadian investments in India, as well as many Indian investments in Canada. Most Canadian investments in Canada in India are in banks, insurance, and other sectors in financial services. This investment increases Canadian GDP and GNP, which are important indicators of a country`s economic development. As a result, for these investments to take place, people have to move from India and from Canada to India or to Canada. One major airline used in this process is Air India. Apart from transporting individuals to make investments, Air India itself has made significant investments in Canada, such investments employ Canadian people, is being taxed by Canadian , and using Canadian resources at a cost. As a result, Air India is very important in facilitating investments. Moreover, there are other Social Cooperate Responsibility activities being carried out by Air India in Canada. This is for instance offering scholarships to Canadian Students to learn in India (, par 4).
There are many Canadian students in India, and many Indian professionals in Canada. For such individuals to receive either teaching materials, or reading materials without travelling themselves, Air India offers document delivery to such individuals. In general, Air India is very important to Canadian government and the entire society.
Government Inquiry
After some time, an investigation concerning Sikh separates connectivity to the incident started. This is because; the separates had given lots of threats and had already committed several violence acts in reprisal against Hindus. In other investigations around the world that went on to about six years, there were many plots concerning the incident that were brought into light. After recovery remains, human bodies, and recorders, it was found that recorders as well as voice were all cut simultaneously. Moreover, damages to recovered parts from Cargo bay established that there was higher probability that the cause of the incidence was a bomb, which was placed close to forward cargo. This incidence was then linked to earlier Japan bombing which was also as a re...
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