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Women in Religion: Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism (Essay Sample)


These questions are designed to be answered with only the sources required for class (textbook and the readings on Canvas) and your lecture notes. You may use the ideas in the textbook and from lecture as common knowledge (uncited) unless you are using one of the textbook’s quotes or quoting me directly. You must cite the Canvas readings when you use them. (lecture AND textbook AND Canvas readings where appropriate). Citing should be done according to the following examples:
• (Ramayana 260)
• (Mirabai) or (Akkamahadevi) NOTE: no page number necessary for the Bhakti poetry
• (Kalama Sutta 5)
• (“What is Zen” 39) or (“Zen and the Art of Tea” 273)
Choose ONE (1) of the questions on which to write a 500-750 word paper.
Papers will be graded on the following requirements:
1) Proper formatting
2) Mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling)
3) How well the paper answers the chosen question in the following ways:
• Thesis (Is there a well-defined thesis offered in the introduction?)
• Argument (How well does the student maintain and defend the thesis statement throughout the paper?)
• Evidence (What examples, specifics, and other evidence does the paper offer to support the thesis/argument?)
An “A” paper will be free, or virtually free, of mechanical errors, have a strong thesis that directly answers the chosen question, have excellent organization and argument throughout, and offer strong evidence to support the thesis/argument from all applicable sources from class.
Attached are some pictures of text book, relevant about Ramayana, Bhakti poets, women position in Hinduism, practices of Hinduism and Buddhism.
Something not clear, please ask me immediately. Attached filed "Instruction" has more information about the topic.

Women in Religion
The role of women is one of the most documented aspect in the history of humankind. This is relative to the fact that social values over the years have continually changed and with them the course of the world developments in many areas other than religion and faith. Some of the religions that have had some significant changes in the roles the women play in the continuity, beliefs and practices include Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism (Hirsch, Edward). These are religions that can be traced back to the India community and they tend to have a rich history and significant impact in the world today as far as faith and religion are concerned.
Thesis statement: Buddhism has had a more tolerant approach to the role of women than Jainism and Hinduism
In the Hinduism faith, women have played some very significant roles, most of which have consistently shifted with time. Most of the earlier developments in the religion point to the role that women played as linked to their husbands. The husbands at the time took the position of a teacher of a god. As such, there was even hope that women would offer to cremated alive to join their husbands in death. This however was not always the case, as during the Vedic times, women in Hinduism were considered to be equal to their male counterparts with reference to matters of spiritual rituals ( However, this changed in the nineteenth century, when women were forced into a more servant oriented role in the society. This lead to girls being considered as a burden and in some of the cases they would be aborted, killed at birth or when they got to the child bearing age, they would be forced into marriages and they would have to pay dowry to boy’s family for taking their daughter. Some would be beaten after they were married off. However, over the course history, this changed as women became more empowered in the society (Hirsch, Edward). There a shift that now considered women the more likely candidates to be closer to the gods compared to the men. The latter had the earthly burden of accumulating wealth and power and the women were free to connect with the gods. There are accounts of several women that achieved high spiritual status in the society such as Anda...
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