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The Grand Design (Essay Sample)


Go to the top of the "Course Content" page, click on "Recent Press Articles of Interest." Read the article "Books of The Times - Many Universes in Stephen Hawking's Grand Design." In order to demonstrate your mastery and understanding of the concepts explored so far in the course: a) Do not pay attention to the information about the best-selling characteristics of the book and take as a departure point its main arguments that consist in explaining why God or Gods is (are) not necessary to imagine the beginning of the universe(s). b) Discuss that claim in relation to the existence of a great many (as many as there are religions) religious myths of creation of the world. Adopt the perspective of an anthropologist (who would be using any of the theoretical framework we have briefly discussed) when explaining the need of human beings to use religions to explain how the world became what it is, and where it comes from.
Articles to be used: http://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2010/09/08/books/08book.html?_r=0

The Grand Design
As human beings, understanding the world and the universe as a whole has proven to be a challenge. Over the centuries, people have endeavored to prove theories on the origins of the universe ranging from Greek philosophers to religions across the globe. However, one universal theory is that no one understands creation. However, the conflicting views of science and religion have made things complicated. Many religions around the world are of the belief that the world and the universe were created by God, an all-powerful being who watches over all his creation On the other hand, science takes a more progressive approach in trying to explain the origins of the universe (Gericke 16). This research report will try to reconcile these theories and look at how they affect human views of the universe.
For centuries, some of the greatest minds in the world have been researching and debating the origins of the universe Theories have been put forth to try to explain the science behind the origins of the universe resulting in controversies. One theory that is widely acceptable is the string theory. For years, string theory has gone neck to neck with the story of creation. Religious groups believe that the world and the entire universe would not have existed it not for God. However, science has proven that this might not be the case. Despite lack of conclusive evidence, scientific theory has failed to disprove the existence of God; while, on the other hand, religion cannot disprove scientific theories (Hawking and Leonard 123).
The definitive nature of religion has put limits on the understanding of the universe. This has had an effect on the telling of the world's history. Stephen Hawking is a world-renowned mathematician and physicist is known for his body of work that explores the universe and the science of everything. Hawking wrote and published a book title "A Brief History of Time" in 1988. This scientific book became an instant best-seller selling over nine million copies around the world (Lennox 37). In his book, Hawking's looks at the universe through history and analyzes the various scientific theories that have evolved over the years from Pythagoras to Descartes, and from Heisenberg to Feynman. From his book, the region takes a peripheral seat as he explores the universe through the eye of science. Hawking builds on theories by other great minds such as Timothy Ferris. The concept of God mongering, as Hawking put it is explored from a cynical view (Einstein and Hawking 35). Hawking...
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