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Religious Observance/Interview. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Focus on Buddhism. The place I visited was Hsi Lai Temple located in Hacienda Heights, California. Make up some conversations with the people in charge there, like monks.

First, visit a non-Christian place of worship, during one of their service times, or have a conversation (interview) with a person who is an adherent to a religious faith other than Christianity (agnosticism and atheism do not count for this assignment; nominally Christian groups like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses also do not count for this assignment). Then, write a paper summarizing your experience, sharing what you observed, heard, and learned. The paper needs to be size 12, double spaced, and 500 words. If you visit a place of worship or attend a religious festival, say when and where, describe the location, religious symbols that you saw there, describe the order of the service, the traditions, the dress of the leader and the worshipers, any relations in similarity or differences from what we discussed in class, if you attend a service of a religion we’ve already covered, and briefly mention any conversations you had with people at the religious gathering. If you have a conversation with someone, write a summary of the conversation and be sure to make references to what we’ve discussed in class. The paper is worth 50 points. For help on the interview options, here are some very simple questions to ask to get the ball rolling with your interview: How long have you been a ____, or follower of ____? Is everyone in your family a ___, or follower of _____?  If not, how do they receive your religious affiliation? What do you think the core beliefs are of your religion are? Why do you think these beliefs are true?  or Why did you become a ___, or follower of ____? How do you practice your religion?  How is your life different because you are a ____, or follower of ____?  How would your life be different if you weren't a ____, or follower of ____? Does your religion have any special festivals or holy days?  How do you observe them? Does your family have any traditions based on your religion?Questions related to our course material from Chapter 1:In my world religions class we learned that religions had 8 common characteristics __, __, __, and so on. Share some examples of how Christianity has these elements and ask how these elements arise within his or her religion. Share the definitions of a transcendent and immanent view of the divine and ask which of these his or her religion has. Concerning the focus of beliefs and practices share the three orientations and ask which orientation ____ religion has.  Even pull up my video or PowerPoints or open the textbook to show the definitions of each orientation. Does the religion have a cyclical or linear view of time, what about the universe, is it created or eternal, what's the purpose of humanity, etc. Explain the etymology of the word religion - "to reconnect".  What has been lost or cut off in their religion and how does the religion provide a way to reconnect to that original state of being?More Jesus focused, comparison to Christianity questions: What is your religious view on who Jesus is? What does your religion say the fate of Christians is? Christianity teaches of an eternal life in heaven or eternal death in hell after this life.  What does your religion teach concerning the afterlife? Christianity teaches that mankind's ultimate problem in this life is sin and that Jesus Christ is the solution to that problem.  What's the ultimate problem of mankind in your religion and what is your religions' solution? Have you ever read the Christian Bible or considered the truth claims of Christianity? Do you know how your religion differs from Christianity? Central to Christianity is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If Jesus rose from the grave, what would that mean? Stress the hypothetical of "if".  Even if they say, but he didn't, stress what would it mean "if". When speaking with a Jew consider sharing Isaiah 53 and the suffering servant.  The section actually starts in Isaiah 52. Ask how he or she, or Jews, interpret that section of Scripture.  Ask if he or she thinks Jesus fits the description of the servant in the passage. Ask who he or she thinks is being addressed in the passage. For visiting a place of worship, consider the following: http://www(dot)paofatemple(dot)org/ (http://www(dot)paofatemple(dot)org/) - Buddhist (Irvine) http://www(dot)mandir(dot)ws/#sthash.ZoZmiYzo.CaPYZdjY.dpbs (http://www(dot)mandir(dot)ws/#sthash.ZoZmiYzo.CaPYZdjY.dpbs) - Hindu (Irvine) http://vedanta(dot)org/about-the-vedanta-society/ramakrishna-monastery-trabuco-canyon/ (http://vedanta(dot)org/about-the-vedanta-society/ramakrishna-monastery-trabuco-canyon/) - Hare Krishna (Similar to Hinduism) Trabuco Canyon


Religious Observance/Interview
The Hsi Lai Temple is located in Hacienda Heights in the in middle of small hills and the gateway has Chinese characters, and has the four universal vows. These vows are (1) to save all sentient beings, (2) to eradicate delusion, stress and earthly desires, to study the Buddhist teachings including Dharma, and (4) to attain supreme enlightenment. Buddhism is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama or “Buddha”, which means the enlightened one and just as Buddha sought enlightenment and truth through meditation these are common practices in Buddhism. There are steps heading to the Bodhisattva Hall and there is focus on the enlightened people, those serving others and committed to help other, and all this is required to train Buddha. The interview / conversation with monks focused Buddhist beliefs and observance including practices.

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