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Religious Dialog in America (Essay Sample)

How has September 11th influenced religious dialog in America? source..
Religious Dialog in America
The September 11th attack in America has been entered into the records of America as the most unforgettable and tragic event to have ever occurred in the America territory. This involved the seizing of four commercial Unites States’ commercial jets and their subsequent crashing into the American symbols of capitalism and military by nineteen hijackers. Factually, this caused the death of around three thousand Americans and also caused massive destruction in the states of Washington D.C., New York and Pennsylvania (Mori 1). These terrorists’ attacks resulted to great changes in America. Factually, they became less materialistic, closer and above all more spiritual. However, it is notable that this was short lived. On the other hand, long lasting changes were also evident. These included changes in the security system and economy of the nation. Despite the nationwide angst and trepidation, those nationals who possessed ultimate compassion and hope did play a very pivotal role in helped their fellow countrymen who were indeed in need (Takim 1). They not only stood together with them in their pain and agony but also they did pray with them. Having had their souls and spirits inflicted with fear and a feeling of insecurity and more so having lost their beloved ones in this tragedy, the nationals cared for those they loved.
Churches, like the Greek Orthodox Church based in America, after this tragedy, engaged into persistent prayers, directed both to the victims and their families. In addition, compassionate and faithful services to the leaders, those in need and the nation at large were conducted. Just shortly about the attack, a directive from His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios gave way for all the church round the country to be opened and without further lingering the subsequent conducting of prayer service (Brunn 13). These were done for the sake of divine protection, repose of the souls of the dead and also for consolation purposes. Furthermore, the September 11 Relief Fund directed to the victim’s families was established by the Archdiocese. This also became the forerunner of the numerous Relief Centers which were coordinated by the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC).
Since then, the church has continually affirmed condemnation of the terrorist’s acts. Additionally, words of love and also healing have been offered to the victim’s families. This was also followed by counsel accompanied by prayers for the American states, the leaders (both political and religious) within the states and also throughout the world. National political leaders, for instance Presidents George W. Bush, had to meet these religious leaders in forums that addressed the nation as regards the crisis (Brunn 32). Besides these prayers,...
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