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Religion. The relationship between Incarnation and Atonement. (Essay Sample)


Topic: Examine the relationship between incarnation and atonement, focusing
especially on Anselm’s idea of satisfaction?
You should use the following questions to evaluate the quality of the paper prior to submitting it for grading.
1)____I have addressed the stated research topic question.
2)____I have formatted my paper using a 12-point font and double spacing.
3)____I have met the minimum length of 1500words.
4)____I have checked my writing for all spelling and grammatical errors.
5)____I have included the minimum number of four (4) required works cited.
6)____I have properly formatted in MLA the title to my paper with personal identification.
7)____I have correctly spelled the instructor’s name on my paper.
8)____I have properly formatted in MLA all of my works cited.
9)____I have properly formatted in MLA a separate works cited page.
10)____I have at least one properly MLA-formatted parenthetical (in-text) reference and work cited.
11)____I have not included a reference work (dictionary/encyclopedia, wikipedia) in my works cited.
12)____I have not cited a website without an .edu address.
Textbooks include the following:
• Mueller, J.J ., ed. Theological Foundations: Concepts and Methods for Understanding he Christian Faith. Winona: Saint Mary’s Press, 2011. Print. ISBN – 13:9781599821016 ISBN – 10:159982101X
• Albl, Martin C. Reason, Faith and Tradition: Explorations in Catholic Theology. Winona: Saint Mary’s Press, 2009. ISBN – 13:978323397657 ISBN – 10:1323397655


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The relationship between Incarnation and Atonement
Incarnation and atonement have an inseparable relationship in terms of theology; one is a precursor for the other. Atonement, which is making up for wrongdoing against God depends entirely on the incarnation, which is the existence of Jesus in the flesh, as a man who was still a God. The relationship between God and man was in urgent need of healing after Adam and Eve committed the greatest sin. God's love for us drove him a sacrifice his own son to cleanse our sins. Jesus, who incarnated, mingled with men but stayed holly for the mission that brought him to the earth, which was to reconcile with God. If indeed God thought that man could save himself from the sin committed them, the two would not come into play. Incarnation is in itself atonement with God reuniting with human beings. Understanding the relationship between the two requires finding out what sin is; this act of offending God has been the basis of the different theories of atonement that exist today. Anselm's definition of the offense is dis-honor to God leading to his satisfaction theory, while Abelard's definition is the act that takes us into slavery (Satan) which results in God paying the ransom to free us. Theology authors have repeatedly shown that the incarnation and atonement are dependent on the definition given to the term ‘Sin’.

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