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Theology Assignment Paper: Religion and Ethics Reflection (Essay Sample)


Write a 1-2 page reflection (double-spaced,12 font) that covers your personal "religious" history and experience. The paper should include the religious influences in/by which you were raised, how you have come to identity yourself religiously (or non-religiously) at this point in your life, and how that history plays out in your ethical choices.

Religion and Ethics Reflection
I remember those days when I was growing up; attending church was not an option but a necessity. My mother used to wake us up every morning and she used to ensure we always did our church preparations every Saturday night before we slept. Our father drove us to church and when we were in church we always sat with them on the same bench. My father was very critical in ensuring that we all had our church offerings and when the time for giving our church offering came he ensured that he led us to the alter to offer our offerings. He was a member of the church developmental committee.
As time went by we came to realize how important church was for us. We grew knowing how God wanted us to live. We could join other youths in the church to clean up the church on every Saturday and my elder brother joined the youth choir. He was later appointed the chair of the youth choir. We were baptized in the church at the age of 14. As a basic principle I always pray every morning before I get out of the house. I have been doing this since I was 6 years. Despite the fact that we had become of age to make decisions on our own our father still kept us in check. He maintained our evening calendar the same way, we always read the bible and recited the rosary before we slept. He always emphasized on the importance of spiritual morality and the way our belief in God is important in helping us go through the challenges in this world.
Reflecting on my historical background and religious orientation it’s no doubt that they helped to shape me into the type of person that I am today. Thinking about the challenges that I have faced all along I always look back and thank God for making me strong and helping me go through them without having to hurt myself or anybody in my life. For instance two years ago, I was appointed the chair of the parents association in our neighborhood. We had a project to construct a new classroom and we had called for various companies to bid for the project. One of the company managers approached me and asked me to select him for the project and he will pay me once he becomes successful. This was totally against my religious believes. I have always believed in equity and doing t...
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