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Religion and Society: The critique of development (Essay Sample)

Please answer the question. Essay needs to use the required sources (shown in a separate file) and above all else answer the question! 1) Delgado argues that corporate globalization and "development" are causing massive environmental destruction globally and threatening the biological systems of the earth on which we all ultimately depend. Both she and Black give examples. Delgado and Rasmussin see the needed response as an environmental justice movement and tie that need to the history of white supremacy/rascism. a) what are the main features of globalization and development that are causing the environmental destruction and what are some of the major effects? 2) what is the link between environmental damage and the history of white supremacy? In answering these questions, give concrete examples from the readings by these authors and any relevant films. source..

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(03 March, 2012)
Features and Effects of Globalization and Development on the Environment
Corporate globalization is the procedure of integrating the economy, governance and technology among various organizations.  According to Delgado, it is a threat to those people who observe a compromised environment in the future. This will take place if the corporations are not checked properly. The writer advocates for a religiously-motivated resistance to elements which would deter peace, compromise the environment and make justice elusive. She examines the impacts of globalization and goes further to recommend the various resistance methods. This also includes the suggestions on the possible solutions. The book proposes a method of the people of faith to respond to the increasing corporation power including their domination in the cultures and global institutions of the world. This also includes various governments. Humans face problems of widespread poverty, repression, social upheavals, ecological collapse, war and general human misery. Surprisingly, the forces behind these problems are simple and can be reversed (Rasmussen, 58). They emanate from real institutions which hold economic, political and military power. 
Delgado describes global corporate capitalism as a cancerous tumor which is the main destroyer of humankind’s spiritual nature and the natural environment of the earth. Corporate capitalism is the major cause of many problems faced by the world. It has resulted into a lot of degradation to biodiversity. This includes all life forms on the surface of the earth including the surrounding. The author intends to bring about a compassionate and sustainable world in the end. The author makes an approach of the evil aurora and dehumanization which originate from the nature of corporations to solely focus on their own growth perpetuation. This also includes profit and power instead of broad needs of both the environment and society. The book highlights global issues such as war, climate and hunger and how they affect humanity. It also integrates the idea of faith into trying to bring change into the world (Michael, 63).
Additionally, Delgado discusses the loss of biodiversity and destruction of the biodiversity. Spiritually, biodiversity may be destroyed resulting into the death of animals. Additionally, humans may also die of great loneliness as far the spirit is concerned. This is because animals are very essential role in the lives of human beings. The features of globalization resulting in the destruction of biodiversity are many. Both plants and animals have been endangered by the increasing population, invasive species, pollution, industrial agriculture, over-harvesting of resources and climate change. All these factors should be checked to elude the fatal results on biodiversity.
Some given species an...
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