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The New Law Referred To As The Law Of The Gospel (Essay Sample)


Describe and explain your form of law. Law, as we have learned, has to be reasonable, for the common good, from the competent authority, and promulgated to those who must follow. Please address this regarding your form of law. How is this form of law related to the other forms of law? How does it impact morality? How does it allow for freedom, as we have come to understand it? Anything addressed in your essay must clearly express understanding.

Format (20 points)

1-inch margins

2-3 page minimum (not including works cited)

Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font.

Grammar and punctuation (20 points)

No use of T or “You"

Informative, research style No social media language

Works cited (10 points)

No links No Wikipedia

Content (50 points)


The New Law
Laws are important to people and communities at large. According to Horton (1) law refers to a decree of reason meant to ensure the common good of the people and it is promulgated by a respectable figure in the society. Any law must be reasonable, ensure the common good, be made by a competent authority, and it must be promulgated. The new law, also referred to as the law of the gospel, meets the four elements of law.
For a law to be reasonable, it must be relevant to a particular situation. The new law, which is also the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaches people about love (Je 157). It is reasonable because it teaches people to be mindful of their actions. It especially reminds people to do unto others what they would expect to be done unto them. Besides, it never adds any new concepts for people to follow; it only helps people to understand the core attitudes that precede their actions. The new law is written plainly so that all people can understand it. It never expects from people what they cannot achieve and there is a sense in calling on people to embrace love in their lives
The new law is definitely from competent authority. The law is the work of Christ and He revealed it when He was delivering the sermon in the mount. Christ came to remind people to embrace love in their lives. The law is also the work of the Holy Spirit. It was delivered through the grace of the Holy Spirit (Je 159). In our daily lives, we need the support and guidance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead us on the right path. Therefore, the law made through the guidance of the Holy Spirit is just about the best law that can ensure the well-being of people. It is a law than can never be doubted in terms of how authentic or helpful it can be.
The new law was never intended to replace other laws. In fact, it was only meant to make them better. It makes those other laws perfect. The new law comes in to perfect the divine law, the revea

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