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Intellectually Competent: Level Of Thinking (Essay Sample)


Follow the instructions from last time. This is the second section of the document which is called intellectually competent. I will attach the document you needed. By the way, you can refer to our school as Fairfield Prep instead of “Jesuit School”.


Intellectually Competent
My four years' experience in Fairfield Prep High School has been with challenges but am glad that despite the challenges I have grown intellectually as compared to how I was when I joined the institution four years ago. Joining a Jesuit school was the best decision that I made in my academic live.
Firstly, the institution has helped me develop my critical and analytical skills necessary in the modern life that we are living in. These skills are important in helping me to analyze situations, evaluate and think critically in coming up with solutions aimed at solving problems thus enhancing my problem solving abilities at the same time. Classwork activities, in particular those relating to case studies and analysis have been key elements in helping me develop these skills. More importantly, when I look at the grades I have obtained in a number of courses that are used to impart these skills I am happy because of my performance in these courses. When I evaluate my level of thinking I feel that my thinking level and problem solving abilities have greatly improved unlike when I first joined the institution.
Secondly, team work and leadership skills have been enhanced greatly through group discussions and other forms of group work. These discussions and group wok activities have been effective in helping develop communication skills as well as critical thinking skills in coming up with convincing arguments that are well reasoned out. We have engaged in group activities where in some cases I have been made the group leader which I have to acknowledge is challenging

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