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Research And Report On A Creation Or Hero Myth Of Any Kind (Essay Sample)


Research and report on a Creation or "Hero" myth of any kind. I hope you can find a chinese myth


Research and report on the creation of a "hero" myth of any kind
The Grand Archer Hou Yi, a mythological Chinese archer, was the best marksman in ancient China and also a god of archery sent to earth to relieve people’s sufferings (Masako 253). Yi was powerful as he had magic arrows and he was able to shoot down the nine suns. Yi’s powers are linked to being divine, and since he killed nine suns and left out of the ten, there was enough light and warmth on earth (Yang). This myth developed over time in Chinese folktale where Yi was able to shoot down the suns, such that only one sun remained.
Before Archer God Yi‘s and his wife being sent to earth the earth was scorched and sought the heavens for deliverance, and he used the magic bow and arrows to achieve this. Without the archer, the earth was higher, and

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