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Gun Control: Catholic Social Justice Themes (Essay Sample)


1. Using the list attached to the Google Classroom, choose any five issues that we developed as Social Justice Topics in class. You can choose any topics whether we came up with them in class period or one of the other classes). Write it down here and indicate which of the Seven Social Justice Themes is the proper category for dealing with that issue. *
- issues: abortion, violence, gun control, education, ageism, sexual harassment, assault, controversy
2. In a well-developed short response of three paragraphs, choose one of those topics and discuss why this is an issue, what your feelings are about it and how you feel the issue can best be handled to resolve it. *
source of Seven Social Justice Themes


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Gun Control
The United States has been suffering from the consequences of lenient gun laws, and there are numerous other, relevant issues too (Degrazia & Hunt 231). It’s safe to say that the 2nd amendment has allowed people to carry firearms to ensure their safety and protection. Today, a significant number of Americans think that it is their right to carry weapons, but some people are of the view that carrying personal weapons make no sense. Gun control is indeed one of the major problems for the United States.
The costs of gun violence (fatally and medically) in this country are nearly $210 billion per year (Degrazia & Hunt 234). By no means, Americans should be allowed to carry personal arms. Rather than allowing people to wander here and there with weapons, the government should implement effective strategies as soon as poss

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