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Religion and Theology: Gospels Value Project (Essay Sample)


Through your education at St Mary’s College Preparatory High School, you are being called to proclaim and live the following Gospel values which flow from the life and words ofjesus Christ, who came to reveal and proclaim the Gospel message of human dignity solidarity justice and peace.

The Importance of Family and Community
We are relational beings. We realize our dignity and human potential in our families and communities.
“Every human being has a need and a right to be loved, to have a home where he or she can put down roots and grow. The family is the first and indispensable community in which need is met. Today, when productivity, prestige or even physical attractiveness are regarded as the gauge of personal worth, the family has a special vocation to be a place where people are loved not for what they do or what they have, but simply because they are “
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, give us the wisdom to understand that we are being called to loving relationships as you are Father, Son and Spirit united by love in one God. Amen.

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Religion and Theology
2017 June 1
Gospels Value Project
I am being called to promote inclusion and a loving relationship whenever I become a peacemaker in any conflict that I encounter. Another person is needed to see the good side in any chaos and it is my responsibility to keep everyone intact. The sanctity of life is also one of my responsibilities because I was given the gift of sensibility and when times are tough, this is crucial. Sometimes people can result to unimaginable things because they were desperate or trapped, but if I give guidance, they can come to their senses and make the right decisions.
I am an instrument for the common good because helping the poor is one of my goals in life and they inspire me to share more of what I have and be thankful for what I was granted. This is why I use my gifts and talents to help others who need my support and example. I happen to be a very good cook and what I do is to donate cooked food for the starving orphans that need care and attention. I know that not having parents is disheartening to any child and that is the least I can do.
Everyone knows that we are all bound to just one...
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