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Drawing on the attributes of God in this week’s study material, explain and evaluate the question, “What is God’s purpose for my life?” (Essay Sample)


Drawing on the attributes of God in this week’s study material, explain and evaluate the question, “What is God's purpose for my life?” Construct a response as you reflect theologically on this question. You may want to redraft the question itself or explore the implications of the question (what does this question assert about God?). Make explicit connection to the attributes of God in your post (Grenz or Sittzer must be one of your two sources).
A journal question for the theological topic will draw on major themes from other common core
courses, contemporary political and ethical situations, perennial Christian debates, and common life
experiences. Each student will submit a 300-word journal in Blackboard that includes:
1) Substantive reflection on the weekly journal prompt.
• Substantive reflection entails following prompt instructions to examine, evaluate, and/or construct ideas
(not merely a personal response or “here’s what I think” statements).
2) Incorporation of two sources from the week’s lecture and study materials.
• Incorporating sources from the week enables students to bring ideas together, find connections, or
engage further with the material. Make a note of the source and page number is parenthesis after using
lecture and study materials. Due to the brief length of these posts, avoid extensive quotes. Instead, quote
helpful phrases or words.
The Journal prepares students for seminar discussions, develops the ability to utilize theological language and
ideas, and provides practice in constructing a theological response to a particular situation. Students are
responsible for bringing a paper or electronic copy to seminar for use in the discussion.
Instructors use the following rubric to assess journals:
5- Substantive reflection AND use of 2 sources from lecture/study folder
4- Insightful reflection and use of 1-2 sources
3- Minimal (or maybe adequate) reflection and minimal use of sources
2- Does not address the question of the prompt OR offers only personal opinion
1- Disregard for the assignment
0- Assignment not submitted


Professor’s Name:
God (Journal)
Drawing on the attributes of God in this week’s study material, explain and evaluate the question, “What is God’s purpose for my life?”
This week’s journal prompt is one that forces one to look inside or within. Understanding or knowing God’s purpose or will for one’s life requires time. First, it is crucial to understand God’s attribute of aseity which simply means that God is “by himself” or that He is “self-sufficient” (Slide 16). Therefore, He does not need us, and this means it matters little to Him whether we obey His word or live as though we are heathens. 

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