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four principal arguments for God's existence (Essay Sample)

Hello,briefly explain the four principal arguments for God's existence and critically evaluate Immanuel Kant's objections and his counter argument. Refer to chapter 13 of your textbook; "Philosophy, the power of ideas" by Brooke Noel Moore & Kenneth Bruder. Limit your answer to 5 pages and base your writing on Philosophical positions not your religious belief. Acknowledge your source(s)/references source..
Name: Instructor: Course: Date of submission: Principle Arguments Regarding God’s Existence The topic about existence of God is usually one of the hottest in the entire philosophy. Numerous philosophers have tried to come up with logical explanations regarding the existence of God, while others coming up with philosophies of objecting the existence. Various philosophers answer the question of God’s existence depending on the way they view the world, the way people behave as well as their expectation for the future (Moore & Brooke, 21). However, there have been four common principle arguments concerning the existence of God, though Emmanuel Kant have objected to this through his philosophical reasoning. The Cosmological argument about the existence of God illustrate that the world is not in a position of existing on its own, bringing in the belief that a first cause must have brought it into existence. This first reason is believed to be God, while in another context, it would be impossible for the universe to come to being on its own since something or someone must have created it. The teleological argument, which is also referred to “the arguments from design”, states that the world proves great design as well as complexity and thus an indication that a great Designer of God must have done the good work. This argument is mainly likened to a common watch, where a watchmaker usually designs a watch. This implies that since the world bears great complexity, it must have been created by a Divine or greater Designer who is termed as God. In figures, the teleological argument states that the world proves too much complexity for it to be based on mere or random chance. The celestial bodies are known to move with ideal accurateness in their orbits. Furthermore, the bodies of humankind bear incredible complexity, meaning that for these and other complexities of the universe could not simply exist out of nowhere, since God must have created them all (Rowe, William &...
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