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Using Augustine Answer: How Do We Find Meaning In Life? (Essay Sample)


Using Augustine answer: How do we find meaning in life?
Please explain “How do we find meaning in life" according to the information provided.
Don't use personal opinions.


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Meaning of Life
Augustine spent his entire life in a town where people were turning to Christianity in a large number. How do we find the meaning of life? He stresses the relationship of an individual to God and thinks that a person can never identify himself if he does not do anything to strengthen his relationship with Almighty God. Augustine confesses that he became a Christian when the Spirit of God moved in his heart. With time, he started paying more attention to things around him and closely observed the rules of nature, recognizing that there is no hope but Jesus Christ. If a person forgets Him, he will never be able to achieve success in all walks of life. So, the relationship of a person with Jesus Christ helps him find the meaning of life.
Augustine’s adherence to the church is another important thing to pay attention to. He used to go to the church for prayers, and just like all other Christians, Augustine had a personal faith that human beings are dependent on Almighty for their life and death and that there is a set time for everything. He also urges the readers to look at the stars, planets and other things around. Christians are not usually allowed to leave the church during prayer, meaning they

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