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Ethical issue. Act-utilitarian moral theory. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


This is my final assignment. Assignment5A.doc will show all the requirement and please take a look at the EvalGrid for this assignment too to make sure to get those points as much as possible. all the reading has been scanned.


Assignment 5A                                                                                       (25%)


You are now beginning the final assignment for the entire course. The completion of Module 5 means that you have been introduced to some fairly complex issues: sexual morality and marriage, global economic justice, and genetic technologies and therapies. These are the kinds of issues that simply cannot be resolved by relying on intuition, subjective preferences, or relativism. Each one demands the careful consideration of ethical outcomes that affect people’s lives within Quebec and Canada and in the variety of societies stretching across the entire planet. With this final assignment, you will realize your full potential as an ethical thinker!


The professor has called you to meet once more. It is the end of the term, and you have expertly done your duties as a teaching assistant. Since all the work is finished, you are curious about the occasion for this meeting. Did you forget to do something? Has a student lodged a complaint? What is going on?

On your arrival at the professor’s office, you are invited to sit down.

“You are becoming something of an expert on ethical issues! I’ve mentioned your work to my colleagues, and they recommended that you enter a contest being hosted by the prestigious Journal of Ethics and Society.” The professor went on, “If you win, you have a chance of getting a scholarship. I think you should submit an article.”

Wow. This is unexpected.

“What you need to do is select a contemporary issue and establish a personal position. Your position must be supported by reasoned arguments and references to academic articles and moral theory. You will then submit these materials to the journal’s editors for consideration in the contest. I have faith in you. You’ve done excellent work this term, and I think you might be the one. Good luck!”

Your Task

You will articulate a critically reasoned personal position on an issue related to sexual morality and marriage. Your personal position will be supported by outcomes from the correct application of two moral theories as well as two articles. The final form of this assignment should be an MLA-style, 1,000-word essay (±10%).

Instructions for Completion

1.      Decide on the personal position you wish to take on sexual morality and marriage. To help you take a personal position, consider the following:

„  Skim through the background of the issues mentioned in Chapters 12 and 13 of your Textbook; make sure you take the time to read the accompanying articles.

„  Take 15 minutes to brainstorm to help you select a specific issue and sketch out your personal position.

„  Select two moral theories with outcomes that support your personal position on this issue. Take 15 minutes to brainstorm your application of two moral theories to the issue.

„  Select two articles with conclusions that support your personal position. To find your articles, skim through the articles in the relevant Textbook chapters.

2.      Prepare your argument:

„  From your selected articles, select quotations or sections to paraphrase in your essay to support your personal position.

„  Group your information into two different categories: description of the issue and application of moral theories.

„  Apply two moral theories with outcomes you believe support your personal position following the application protocols you learned in Module 3.

3.      Write a draft of your essay. Your essay will include:

„  An introduction in which you present:

−        The ethical issue.

−        Your personal position on the issue. Remember, your personal position is the most important part of this assignment.

−        Two theories you will apply in order to prove the validity of your position.

−        A brief description of what you will discuss in your essay (that is, how you will arrive at your conclusion).

„  Body paragraphs in which you provide support for your personal position. Include the following:

−        A paragraph that describes the ethical issue with its relevant facts.

−        A paragraph that explains your application of the first moral theory.

−        A paragraph that explains your application of the second moral theory.

−        Paragraph(s) that explain(s) your supporting evidence by briefly stating two authors’ arguments whose conclusions support your personal position.

„  A conclusion that resembles your introduction but does not repeat any phrases or sentences from the introduction and that includes:

−        A statement of the ethical issue.

−        A statement of the outcomes from the moral theories that support your position.

−        A statement of your personal position on the issue. This should be the final sentence of the essay; your position should be strongly stated and defended as your position.

„  An MLA works-cited list.

4.      Review and edit your essay—ensure that your essay is 1,000 words long (±10%).

5.      Review your work again and do the final copy editing before submitting it.


Final Assignment
When the highest court in the United States declared same sex marriage as legal, catholic bishops responded by stating it was as tragic decision that would undermine public morality. On the other hand, lesbians and gays celebrated as they could legally marry and start families of their own. Despite the controversy, legalization of same sex marriage is supported by the act-utilitarian theory as it results into greater happiness for the gay and lesbian community. Same sex marriage also respect the means-end principle implied by deontological theory since involved parties must give their consent. Nevertheless, this concept is still debatable as it does not result into a man-woman union, which is the conventional understanding of marriage. Using deontological and act-utilitarian moral theories, this paper aims at discussing whether legalization of same sex marriage undermines public morality.

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