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Compare Nō Drama Actor To Modern Athletes (Essay Sample)


Please read "On the art of No Drama" (attached)
Compare training to be a Nō actor with training to be a modern day athlete. What aspects do the trainings have in common? Are these aspects “religious”? What does your comparison teach you about what it means to do something “religious”? What counts as “religious” in each case?
Please refer to grading rubric (attached) when composing.


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Training of a No` Actor Vis-À-Vis a Modern Day Athlete
Acting and athletics are two separate things that differ both in origin and description. This is founded on the premise that while acting is an art, athletics is sport. However, there exists a relationship between the two in terms of the training involved, skills, performance, rules to follow and the strategy required. The aspect of movement is a vital element in both acting and sports especially athletics. There are various aspects that are required in training of an actor which are equally relevant and necessary in training of a modern day athlete. This research will discuss the relationship between the two by comparing the training to be a No` actor with a training to be a modern day athlete, the aspects they have in common, whether the aspects are religious and what account as religious in each case.
The very first thing that the training of a No` actor and that of a modern athlete have in common is the virtues upon which their accomplishment or success are founded. Both are pegged on and dependent on the virtues of hard work, consistency, endurance and above all commitment (Rimer J. T., & Mazakazu, Y. 67). It is evident that to become a No` actor is not a walk in the walk as the actor has to pass several levers before he can be said to have reached the level of Perfect Fluency which is the highest level an actor can ever in the art of No`.
This is similar to what one mush achieve or exhibit before he can become a modern day athlete. Adequate training of the athletes through long-term plans is the fundamental condition for the development of sport elite (Granacher, et al). To become a modern day athlete, one must go through vigorous training which call for total commitment and endurance. To be a successful modern day athlete, one needs to demonstrate high level of commitment to the cause and endure the challenges that come with the rigorous training.
Age is another key aspect in the training of a No` actor which compares with the training of a modern day athlete. The practice of the No` in relation to the age of the actor is a very vital aspect that determines the failure or success of an actor in the mastery of the art. This art requires that one begin at the age of seven because if a boy practices at this age he naturally shows some elements of beauty in what he does. At this age the boy is allowed to perform as he wishes in consonant with his age without too many instructions and coaching. This age that a No` actor reveals his “True Flower” which is a metaphoric illustration of novelty. At the age of eleven or twelve the boy is believed to have started comprehending the No` art therefore the ideal age where various aspects of the art can be explained to him.
The age of seventeen or eighteen is an essential period where too many kinds of trainings are arranged. This is the period the actor is considered to have lost his first flower because at this period his voice and physical figure has changed and begins to have awkward movements. The age of actor training to become a No` is crucial between the seventeen and twenty-four for two reasons. First, should any actor abandon his training at this point, his skill can never increase? Secondly, it is during this period that the level of artistry of the performer begins to become established (Rimer J. T., & Mazakazu, Y. 67). It is this period that determines whether one become a successful No` actor or not.
The aspect of age in the practice of the No` is similar to that of modern athlete. In those sports with a relatively young peak performance age such as athletics promising talents initiate sport-specific training often before th...

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