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Describe Hinduism History And Differences Between Christian (Essay Sample)


Introduce about Hinduism history, creator, cultural, current situation, location, branches, traditional festival and food. (two pages)
And the similarities and differences between christian (on theory, ideas, activities etc. This is in 1 page)


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Hinduism is a religion that is widely practiced in India and Nepal. It is the oldest religion of the world according to archaeologists. Hinduism has been regarded as a synthesis or fusion because it has a wide foundation with diversified routes and lacks a central founder. In other words, Hinduism emerged as a way of life and a collection of various Indian cultures. From history, Hinduism comprises a wide verity of demonization that has follower mainly from Nepal and India. In addition, the development of the religion history is divided into various period of time, whereby, the first period is the historical Vedic religion, which falls 1900 BCE to 1400 BCE while the second period dated back between 800 BCE and 200 BCE. At the second stage, there was a massive turning of Vedic religion and Hindu religions. Therefore, this paper critically examines the history of Hinduism, creator, culture, current situation, and location, its branches, traditional festivals, food as well as ways in which it similar to and differs with Christianity.
Unlike many other religions, Hinduism can be said to be unique for the simple reason that it lacks a common founder or date of origin. Hinduism is a way of life for Indians which has been developing since 4000 years ago. The current Hindu religion traces its roots to about 2000 BC and is the oldest religion in the world. Due to its oldest nature, its history has not been adequately established from artifacts, rather relies on the archaeological as well as contemporary texts. Nevertheless, reliable sources indicate that the roots of Hinduism point to Aryans who migrated to India sub-continent around 1500 BC. The chants and hymns of the Aryans have been gathered in the Rigveda texts which are the earliest existing Hindu texts.
Hinduism has three Gods; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The three gods are responsible for the creation of the world, upkeep, and destruction. Brahma was the creator of the world together with its all creatures. Vishnu is the preserver who preserves the universe while Shiva is the destroyer whose role is to destroy the world for recreation.
Hindu as a religion is literally and way of life, culture. Hindu culture is based on respect, love, humility and honor. Respect for elders is paramount to Hindus. For instance, the younger are expected to always sit to the left of the elders, never sit while elders are standing, not speaking a lot or strongly in front of elders and seeking their advice in all matters. Naming and calling also adhere to respect by encouraging the use of certain names that depict respect and not just calling elders by their names. As a tradition, Hindus are expected to humble themselves so that ego is never exposed, instead allow the inner nature to prevai...
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