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Dante's Inferno. Analitical Discussion of the Circle of Gluttony and the Pit of Flatterers. (Essay Sample)


Dante uses both contrapasso and the physical landscape of the Inferno to convey the nature and gravity of the sins portrayed in the Inferno. For Dante, the Inferno is “not only a geographical area but a state of mind.”

Please demonstrate this argument by analyzing his portrayals of Gluttony in Circle III and the Flatterers in Circle VIII. Be careful to explain the significance of 1) the relative location of each circle; 2) its architecture and/or landscape and 3) its contrapasso.
Your response should be a clear, well-organized response of 750 words .
Make sure to:
Provide an introduction with the name/author/date of the text;
Articulate a clear thesis statement that specifically responds to the question;
Include at least 3 quotations properly introduced, integrated, and analyzed;
Offer a conclusion.


Analitical Discussion of the Circle of Gluttony and the Pit of Flatterers
Dante's Inferno is an account of a journey to the circles of hell. Dante Alighieri wrote the poem in 1320, referring to an encounter with one of his great instructors. In the narrative, Dante explores the 9 circles of hell with Virgil, the ghost that guides and protects Dante from the dangers of the circles. All through the journey, Dante and Virgil see sinners suffering from the consequences of their actions. As they go lower, the punishments get more violent and painful according to the gravity of the sins. As Virgil reminds Dante, "that the more A creature is perfect, the more it perceives the good— And likewise, pain" (Alighieri, Cantos IV, 97-99). For this paper, let us discuss the third circle, Gluttony, and the Flatterers in the eighth circle.

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