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christianity (Essay Sample)


I'm taking a religion class and the instructor told us to write a religion other than your own. He also told us to visit a worship place to see what kind of worship they are doing ; are they praying or sing etc., and I choose to visit a church because I'm writing about Christianity. Please I'm requesting the person who is writing my paper to be someone who have a good experience in Christianity, again if the writer himself or herself is Christian remember not to say I believe instead to say according what I learn in Christianity or to my experience because remember I'm not a Christian. last but not least please do not say anything bad about Christianity because I don't like to say bad thing about anyone or any religion


Different religions have different beliefs and different supreme beings. The growing numbers of religion therefore brings forth different sets of supreme beings which are worshiped by different sets of people worldwide. A good example is Christianity and Islam whose ways of worship are totally different. For decades there have been numerous diverse religions all over the world; nevertheless, two of those religions are accomplished, and believed by countless factions. The Islamic and Christian religions are the two most accomplished beliefs in the world. There would unquestionably be an incessant dispute of which religion was trailed more. The supporters of the Christian faith found much affection and veracity in their caring Lord's name: "Christianity is a way of existing, personified in a commercial civilization or communion and focused on the adoration of the one God exposed to the realm through Jesus of Nazareth. For the purposes of this paper, I will give an account of what I observed when I visited a church where I attended a Christian service and experienced their way of worship.
Upon entering the church- which I late learnt that it is actually a cathedral, I found people sitting in an integrated manner. Both men and women sat together and their children too. We sat for I moment until I saw everyone standing on their feet and I realized that the priest was already in the house of God. The priest then began to lead the congregation in a moment of congregational prayers. The congregants also used their hands when praying where they could move their right hand form the top of their head and the across their shoulders and then end at the middle of the chest. This gesture represents the holy trinity where a Christian is supposed to pray in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit. This is done severally during the service as it is done twice- at the beginning and the end of every prayer.
After a moment of congregational prayers where people recite the prayer lines after the priest has started off, the next step is the session of bible reading. Some few verses from the Bible are read loudly from the pulpit by one of the church officials. I also noticed that they were readings- first and second reading and which were separated by a response psalm. A response psalm is basically a common reading that is said loudly and repeatedly by all the people in the congregation and after that they call the name of Jesus Christ. This is where I lea...
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